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  • An article recently came across my desk about a new phenomenon: “ghost jobs.” In this article, The Wall Street Journal reports that there are actually thousands and thousands of ghost jobs currently posted on job board sites.

    So, what is a “ghost job”?

    A “ghost job” is a job that isn’t real. It’s a job for a company that isn’t actually hiring, or at least hiring for the role advertised in the job posting. More than 1,000 hiring managers were surveyed, and 27% of them admitted that they’ve left these jobs up for over four months, never intending to fill them.

    Why Hiring Managers Leave “Ghost Jobs” Up For Months

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    Over half of the hiring managers surveyed said the reason that they left the jobs up for so long was to give the impression or illusion that the company was growing. The worst part? One-third of them said they left the jobs up because they wanted to give the appearance that they were actually trying to hire to help their overworked staff.

    If you’re looking for work right now, you probably realized it’s harder than you thought to find a job. And applying online is getting you nowhere. These “ghost jobs” are impossible to spot among the real job postings on job board sites.

    The solution? Learn how to conduct a proactive job search.

    Once you learn the better way to look for a job, you won’t have to worry about “ghost jobs” anymore. Good luck, and go get ’em!

    Need help conducting a proactive job search?

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  • If you feel like many of the job postings you come across in your job search are scams, you’re not alone. You are not the first job seeker to tell me they feel this way. But we have to think about where this comes from.

    The Job Application Process Is A Broken System

    @j.t.odonnell Replying to @nana_5075 Why job listings feel like a scam… #jobs #careers #careertok #jobtok ♬ original sound – J.T. O’Donnell

    Back in the day, a company would post a job in the want ad section of a newspaper, so you’d have to open up a newspaper, read through it, write up a resume and cover letter, and snail mail your application off to them. When the idea came to post jobs online, it meant more people who were the right fit could apply. But over time, that’s broken down.

    Now thousands of people will apply for one job when it gets posted. And many of those job applicants are not a fit. So employers now have to hire recruiters, who are also called sourcers, to go through thousands of applicants so they can whittle it down to about 50 qualified applicants. What’s the rhyme or reason they’re using to select some applicants and screen others out?

    This is why you don’t get called—because it’s just so random.

    After employers get down to 50 applicants, they look through those, find a few they like, and call them. That’s why only 3% of people who apply online ever hear back from companies.

    It’s a completely broken system, so I can see why it feels like a scam. The whole thing is flawed.

    So, how do we improve this system? It starts with making better matches, getting back to a place where only the right people are applying to the employer. We actually want fewer applicants, but more of the right applicants. That’s the solution. And there are hundreds of millions of dollars in this industry trying to figure it out. But the one thing we have seen is that storytelling is one of the ways to do that.

    You’re going to see a rise in companies telling their stories. And there’s a fancy term for this in our industry. It’s called employer branding. Companies will tell their stories on social media platforms like TikTok so that those stories fatefully, naturally, and organically show up in your feed. But it’s not fate, right? It’s the algorithm at work—and before you know it, you’ll start to see companies that feel like a fit. Then you’ll go over and check them out. You’ll see that there’s a job posted that you’re fit for. And this is how this matching process will start to fine-tune itself.

    Right now, yes, you’re right. Those online job postings don’t work. They don’t work for either side. We need a better system. And storytelling is the key. So go learn how to conduct a proactive job search today so you can finally land a job and work for an employer you actually like!

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  • Are a person looking for a brand new job but not hearing back again from employers? Have an individual been signing up to countless work online with little for you to no success? If therefore, performs this drain almost all of your energy, and they are you curious about just what other tips you could incorporate?

    Well, we’re going to help share a big magic formula with you… the amount one way to obtain a job is simply by circumventing the applicant monitoring system!

    Within this training, you’ll learn to:

    • Be familiar with disruptive job search strategy that will get anyone results fast
    • Develop a personal brand name to market yourself successfully
    • Set yourself in the route of recruiters and employing managers

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  • In this day and age, it’s crucial to stand out during your job search. Otherwise, your resume gets buried—unread and unnoticed. This is a common problem for job seekers. So, how can you stand out from the competition when applying online?

    Here’s what some of our career experts say you can do to catch the eye of employers in your job search:

    Research The Company

    Woman researches a company before applying for a job online

    “Learn everything you can about the company,” says Bud Bilanich, author of Climbing The Corporate Ladder. “Tailor your resume to show what you know about them and their industry. And, more importantly, use keywords and list skills in your resume that will catch the recruiter’s attention.”

    For example, if the job application says they are looking for a “self-starter,” make sure you put the words self-starter somewhere near the top of your resume. “Sounds corny,” he says, “but it works.”

    Create An Online Presence

    Man creates a professional portfolio to stand out when applying for jobs online

    Rachel Dotson of ZipRecruiter suggests creating an about.me profile, complete with links to your various social and professional profiles online. Include the link in your resume alongside your name and contact information (at least add a link to your LinkedIn profile!), and also include it under your signature in your cover letter. If you have a professional portfolio, make sure you include that as well.

    “Because your resume will likely be viewed on the computer,” she says, “it will be easy for the hiring manager to click through to your about.me page, where he or she can then browse your online presence.”

    Beat The ATS

    “Before you can stand out to the employer, you have to stand out to the applicant tracking software,” says Kristin Johnson of Profession Direction. “There’s a real art to getting your resume noticed in today’s technological job hunt.” Johnson says you MUST read the job description and include key terms on your resume. If you don’t include the right keywords on your resume, it’ll get tossed by the ATS, and it most likely won’t even get read by a human being.

    The resume needs to be in a format that the software can read too. “It takes some time, but that’s the way the system works,” she says. “If your resume doesn’t show you’re a match for the job to the ATS, you’re not going to get a call because you won’t stand out to the employer.”

    In order to stand out when applying for a job online, you need to research the company before you apply, create an online presence, and beat the ATS. If you consistently do these three things in your job search, you’ll be sure to stand out to employers, no matter your industry or work experience.

    Need more help with your job search?

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    This article was originally published at an earlier date.

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  • Do you possess the job search doldrums? Have you been looking for the next opportunity without having any luck? AND aren’t sure what obstacles are usually getting in the method?

    Not really only are you NOT REALLY TAUGHT how to correctly job search, but points are changing all this time!

    It’s exhausting to remain on top of all of the newest trends and techniques. Nevertheless, you still try job searching anyway. You try to try—and apply and apply—and still get NOWHERE…

    Well, we’ve obtained a solution: It’s the upcoming live event!

    In this coaching, you’ll learn to:

    • Pinpoint ineffective job search strategies that you’ve been implementing with absolutely no to little success
    • Implement a tactical job search plan that will gives you results nowadays
    • Stand away from benefit competition

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  • Usually are you struggling to fill in job applications for possibilities that excite you? Are you currently constantly getting rejected for just about any and all jobs that will you affect?

    In case so, we’re here for you to show you the correct method to effectively fill out there job applications!

    Additional will create you apply through their own online application process. Nevertheless, the technology that’s utilized to organize applicants, this applicant tracking system (ATS) is flawed.

    Unfortunately, the ATS may miscategorize applicants if these people don’t fill out their particular online applications effectively.

    With this training, you’ll learn how to:

    • Fill out and about each part of often the job application to endure out as an consumer
    • Increase your chance of getting approached by a hiring supervisor or recruiter
    • Avoid the chance of getting your application overlooked

    Sign up for our CEO, J. To. O’Donnell, and Director regarding Training Development & Training, Christina Burgio, for this particular live event on Wed, August 3rd, at twelve pm ET.

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  • I hear stories all the time about job seekers applying for almost every job they come across in their job search. My advice? Stop. Here’s why…

    That type of job search doesn’t work.

    The “Spray & Pray” Job Search Method Isn’t Effective

    @j.t.odonnell why this type of job search never works… @j.t.odonnell @workitdaily #learnontiktok #careertiktok #edutok #jobsearch #jobtips #jobapplication #careerhacks #careeradvice ♬ original sound – J.T. O’Donnell

    In order to actually find a job that’s a good match for you, you need to stop applying online to random, out-of-state jobs that you’re not exactly qualified for. If you do this in your job search, you’re basically not looking for work at all.

    And I know that’s hard to hear.

    We think we have all this experience—that employers will look at us and think, “Oh, this person would be a great fit for the job.” That’s not how it works.

    First, if you’re not in state, they’re thinking, “When will I interview you?” Second, if you don’t have the exact experience, they’re thinking, “I don’t have time to train you. I’m already far behind.”

    Employers want to hire the exact match for the job. That’s why you’re not getting any responses.

    Now, all hope isn’t lost. You just have to learn something called a proactive job search, which is a more strategic job search than the “apply for every job” type of job search (I call it the “spray & pray” method). Think of yourself as a job shopper instead, which is actually a lot more fun and effective.

    If you want to learn how to conduct a proactive job search, check out my FREE community. It’s a safe place where professionals like you are learning how to become empowered in their careers so they can finally find career happiness and satisfaction. More importantly, I have tons of resources inside this community that can help you find a job—fast!

    Whatever you do, please stop the insanity of blindly applying for jobs. It’s not doing you any favors. All it’s doing is frustrating you. And you don’t deserve that.

    Sign up for my FREE community and become a Workplace Renegade today! My team and I are looking forward to working with you soon.

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  • Applying for work could be tedious and stress filled, particularly if you’ve been filling up out job applications each day and haven’t noticed back from most companies. If you’re struggling in order to fill out job programs, and/or constantly getting turned down for just about any and all careers that you make an application for, all of us can help.

    On Wednesday, May possibly 25th, 2022 at 13 p. m. ET, M. T. O’Donnell, founder plus CEO of Work That Daily, and Christina Burgio, director of training in addition to coaching, are having a BRAND NEW live event ” Completing Career Applications The Right Method . inch

    Understand how to effectively load out job applications to get past the ATS and even stick out to hiring supervisors!

    This hour-long event will give you how to be able to:

    • Fill up out each part associated with the job application for you to stand out being an consumer
    • Boost the possibility of getting contacted with a hiring manager or employer
    • Prevent often the chance of having your software overlooked

    Save Your Spot!

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    WHEN: Wednesday, May well 25th, 2022 at 10 p. m. ET

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    WHO: J. Capital t. O’Donnell & Christina Burgio

    WHAT: Inside this training, you’ll find out how to:

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    • Boost the chance of having contacted by a employing manager or recruiter
    • Avoid the chance involving getting your application ignored

    JUST HOW MUCH: $5. 00/ticket

    We hope to notice you there!

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  • There are very few things that a job seeker can control in the job search, but choosing to apply for a job is one of them.

    The positions you choose to apply for should be calculated and focused. Applying for every job on a company’s career site gets you a label: “serial applier.” You do not want to be a serial applicant. It is a quick way to enter the deepest, darkest, blackest location of the application black hole.

    You really want to be discerning about the roles you apply for. To do that, here are a few tips and tricks to try to make sure you are really applying for the jobs that can get you closer to career success.

    1. Know What You Want

    Before any big life change (and changing jobs is a big life change), it’s key to know what you want. Because you cannot find what you want unless you know what you want. This is going to include a deep understanding of your professional goals and personal needs. You should try to document these things and keep them close by. Look at them before you apply for a job and re-read the job description to be sure there are no red flags in the marketing-speak of the position listing. Do not apply for a job that will not help you meet your professional goals nor force you to sacrifice your personal needs.

    2. Get Feedback On Your Accomplishments

    Man talks to a coworker

    When I am applying to jobs, I like to write really tailored disruptive cover letters that tell a few stories that are aligned with the job description and explain why I feel connected to the company. These stories also highlight my strengths and accomplishments.

    The best stories come from people I’ve worked with. I like to gather feedback from people who I reported to as well as people who reported to me. I like to talk with teammates to see what they thought about our work together and I ask them to share with me what I did well and where I could have improved. And now, I have already answered the “strengths and weaknesses” questions in the interview because I have stories from others to back up what I am saying. You can also use this feedback to see where you may or may not shine against the job description.

    3. Know What You Can Deliver

    Woman applies for a job

    You know what you want to achieve in your career and what other people think you rock at. Now, you should figure out what you can really deliver to a new company. I always focus on accomplishments and achievements. They’re measurable and quick and easy to communicate.

    To demonstrate your value to employers in the hiring process, quantify your work experience on your resume. This way, they’ll clearly see how you could make or save them money (and you’ll successfully justify the cost of hiring you to do the job). And when you know your value and what you can deliver, and the stories that back them up, it makes the application and interview process a much more focused and engaging experience because people love stories! At the end of the day, it’s all about storytelling.

    4. Network With Companies That Fit

    Man applies for a job

    You should be focusing your job search on specific companies that align with your values. You should not be looking at companies that are not family-friendly if you are a mom re-entering the workforce. Research companies to create a list of employers who align with your values, needs, and passions. This is called your interview bucket list. Study up on them and then start networking with them on social media. Find people you may know who work at these companies and then set some time to chat with them or meet for coffee. Finding a job that’s right for you starts before submitting your application. It starts with conducting a targeted job search so you can apply to companies that are really aligned with what you need and can deliver.

    5. Get Your Stories Together

    Woman applies for jobs

    There are countless ways to stand out to recruiters and it doesn’t need to be gimmicky. You can reach out directly to recruiters to learn more about the company and the job. You can use your connections to become a referral because those are a top source for employers. You should consider visual ways to stand out. Tools I’ve referenced in the past were: Word Clouds, SlideShare, LinkedIn, CredHive, Prezi, Adobe Voice, and Haiku Deck. You can use these tools to share your story in a more visual and compelling way.

    What do you think? What do you do before you apply for a job? If you’re not doing all five of these things in your job search, it’s a good time to start! You can and will find your next job. And if you need more job search tips and advice, we’ll be here to help.

    If you’re feeling trapped in your career, you’re not alone. We get it. We know what you’re going through. Feeling frustrated, lost, or unappreciated at work is not how it’s supposed to be. The good news is that you can find career satisfaction sooner than you think.

    We’d love it if you joined our FREE community. It’s a private, online platform where workers, just like you, are coming together to learn and grow into powerful Workplace Renegades. We like to see ourselves as the leader of the Workplace Revolution. And we want YOU to be a part of it.

    It’s time to find work that makes you feel happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. Join our FREE community today to finally become an empowered business-of-one!

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