About Director

My fortune is that I got benefited from a set of professionals, academics, and personal circumstances that I am fully aware usually never happen to many persons. And then I decided to share what I have learned from having: dissected 1,00+ performance evaluations, reported to 10+ bosses, lived in 8 zip codes, transitioned directly from technical services to online marketing & advertising and then business management, now starting a career coaching firm as a newbie father, to coach technical graduates that no longer desired to practice engineering, to help a graduates to have job in their desired field, to serve clients with compelling raw materials for interview with performance skills, and still counting on…

My career portfolio includes having worked in 10 business units (human resources, Business management, employment, technical support, internet marketing, customer service, product selling, pricing, digital strategy, planning, repairing) as well as in global, regional, and local capacities. These experiences taught me that there are similarities across roles & responsibilities within organizations and the differences are a matter of learning and applying new vocabulary of words & practices which makes leaping from one role or sector to another much easier than some folks make it to be.

Meanwhile, my academic circumstances drive home the idea that there are costs and benefits to being a major nerd. Costs happen when you strive for a profession in which your heart is not as invested in as your credit cards. This happened to me when I took the engineering for graduation and then attended JUCE, and was to quit after 2nd semester. But at that time one of my best pal (Friend- Ali) encouraged me to complete it. This takes me to next level and then again started with tech support executive (was part of my life) and sales executive in various companies. That was not all.

Then there is my personal life which offers its own insights.  As a new man(Father) with a startup, I had to accept that people have to apply twice the effort to accomplish their goals and be comfortable pushing forward at slower speeds in the pursuit of dropping jaws and kicking butt in their professions.  However, I will not accept the notion that what I expect from myself should be any less than what I expect from my clients.  With this in mind, when evaluating personal decisions, I always ask myself what would I counsel my little man, and I encourage others to use a fitting filter when evaluating choices that matter.