Who We Are

Who We Are

CareerBeeps is a full service career and study solutions firm dedicated to build career and check your growth.

CareerBeeps was created by entrepreneurs for all the aspirants to provide them best career advice and support to  build career, preparing resume and facing interview to ensure the perfect match and sustainability of your career.

We are engineers but not build houses.

We are engineers but not build roads and bridges.

We are engineers but not only follows the three idiot, we have started this portal to help those who unfortunately didn’t get what they deserve. We are working for the people to decide the better path for their career and achieve the goals they wish.

We pull out the talent from the person and help them to go with the field or career they want. Our methodology is simple to follow your passion and enthusiasm to do something. We find out the real position for you and then allow you to perform there. Our pro expert analyse your strength and give you the best report to make the things work for you.

Everyone has some tradition to follow from their ancients and here we also help you to simplify your future expectation to fins the best fit for you.

The person who really seeks to be a part of our organization can be a team member and everyone’s story will be featured here. You just need to share your story with us, and our team will review it to be posted here. You can simply email your story to our mail address which is: [email protected]


About CareerBeeps

Careerbeeps is a job search platform that helps job seekers find employment opportunities in India and globally. The website provides job listings from various industries such as IT, banking, finance, marketing, sales, and more.

On Careerbeeps, job seekers can search for job openings by industry, location, experience level, and job type. The platform also provides resources for job seekers, including interview tips, resume writing advice, and career advice.

In addition to job listings, Careerbeeps also allows job seekers to create a profile and upload their resume to make it easier for employers to find them. Employers can also post job openings on the platform and search for qualified candidates based on their skills and experience.

Overall, Careerbeeps is a useful resource for job seekers in India and abroad who are looking for new job opportunities and for employers who are looking for qualified candidates to fill their job openings.


CareerBeeps offers complete career solutions. They include:

Our goal is to provide a one-stop-solution for school going student and some college aspirants as well as job seekers around the GLOBE. Our team of experienced consultant and advisory professionals work with you to identify results-oriented, satisfying placement, growing opportunity to your career hassles. We are committed to the development of your career and strive to give our users the solutions they need to succeed in today’s competitive markets.


CareerBeeps is committed to become the leading full-service career builder and career solutions firm for students, existing job seekers and organisations in terms of our integrity, professionalism, quality service and trust.


Integrity, Professionalism, Quality Service and Trust


Our approach is quite different as our methods are modern and technology driven. We invest time to listen to you and analyze your IQ to find best practice for you. The model we’ve constructed is vested in our reasoning, which permits us to offer the most ideal custom fabricated answers to match your career or study needs with your interest and IQ. Our vision is to ensure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to build a career. We are the visionaries of this space with a solid development direction and an energizing firm to be with!



To know more about CareerBeeps and what our team of experts can do for you, contact us today for a Free No-Obligation Consultation. When you need reliable career solutions created around your needs, choose CareerBeeps career Solutions and experience the difference quality and service can make for your career, study or job. Email us at   [email protected]