What To Email When A Recruiter Doesn’t Follow Up

What To Email When A Recruiter Doesn’t Follow Up

You haven't heard back from a recruiter about a job you're interested in. What should you say in your follow-up email?

When you're following up with a recruiter on a job where you feel like they've ghosted you or you simply haven't heard from them in a while, I know that you want to email them and say, "I'm just following up to see where you are in the hiring process."

Don't do that.

Never use the word "just" or the phrase "I'm just following up." It sounds passive-aggressive. It's a real turnoff. And I know you're thinking, "But they're the one who blew me off." They might be, but they're also the customer in this scenario. You want their job. They're trying to decide whether to hire you, aka pay you (a business-of-one) to provide a service for the company. They're the customer. We're never rude to the customer.

So, here's what you send instead...

How To Follow Up With A Recruiter

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Example of a follow-up email to a recruiter:

Dear recruiter,

I wanted to be proactive and see if there's anything else I can do to further my candidacy for the XYZ job. I'm really interested.


Your name

That's it. By wording your follow-up email this way, you're being polite, not calling them out, and keeping it short. And that's exactly what recruiters are looking for.

Does this email get you a response every time? No. But it certainly increases the chances that a recruiter will respond and let you know where everything's at in the hiring process.

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