Summary Sunday: Issue #512

There have been a lot of changes in the last year that impact how you search for a job. Familiarize yourself with some of these advancements that give job seekers a slight advantage!

Summary Sunday Issue 512

As you review and read this week’s compilation of job search articles, I hope you will ask yourself, how will I use this information to alter what I am doing? Many of these changes work in your favor, but several do not.

In this week’s Summary Sunday, you’ll find articles to help you with your job search and career:

  • Debunked Job Search Myths
  • LinkedIn Engagement Strategy
  • LinkedIn Headlines
  • ChatGPT for Job Search
  • Salary Transparency Outcome
  • Bosses Spying on LinkedIn
  • Raises for Men and Women
  • College Enrollment Declines

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Myths of the Job Search Debunked | Bob McIntosh

How many of these 22 myths do you believe? It’s time to ask yourself “do I know this to be true?” Bob asked top job search experts to share a job search myth they come across often. (And there are likely many more!)


Revealed: Unlock the Power of LinkedIn with This Simple Engagement Strategy! | Mark Williams

This is actually a two-for! In his newsletter, Mark includes a summary of some of the newer features on LinkedIn and then gets into his engagement strategy. Mark writes: “Commenting frequently is a LinkedIn superpower. If you did nothing else on LinkedIn, you could still achieve success by commenting on others content.” I agree!

How To Write A Crazy Effective LinkedIn Headline [19+ Examples] | Cultivated Culture

Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most important things you’ll ever write! It’s the first thing someone sees! Austin Belcak walks you through how to create a powerful headline! Does your headline illustrate your value and make you stand out?


How to Prepare Yourself and Support Your Clients in the Use of Artificial Intelligence | Career Professionals Of Canada

Maureen McCann and John Stroud explain how ChatGPT can be used by career professionals to enhance services. But this is also a good explanation of how ChatGPT works (its strengths and weaknesses)!

You can use| ChatGPT to create a customized cover letter template. Here''s how | Fast Company

Donna Svei explains how to customize your cover letter using ChatGPT! She calls it a collaboration! And she shows you exactly how to make it sound more human and likable!

6 Ways to Use ChatGPT & AI for Your Resume & Job Search | Teal

See how you can use ChatGPT to write accomplishment bullets, your resume summary, your LinkedIn About section, a cover letter, follow-up emails, and use it to speed up the application process. There are even more uses, but these will help those who have difficulty writing!


Employees Use Salary Transparency Laws Just as Companies Feared | Evil HR Lady

What happens when you see your job posted online… and the salary is listed $32K above what you are making? Salary transparency laws make this possible and while I’m all in favor of higher salaries, paying your current employees what they are worth is rule number one!

Employers Spying Tweet by Adam Karpiak

For those who don’t know, Adam is a recruiter who writes content to help job seekers. It’s disturbing that an employee’s manager would take the time to track their LinkedIn activity and call them in to talk with them about ‘liking’ a job search article. But it’s true! And if you read through the comments in the thread, you’ll see many more examples of why people are afraid of their bosses.


Men and women asked for raises this year at the same rate, but men were more likely to get them | CNBC

The CNBC/Momentive poll found that 11% of men and women asked for raises in 2022. Yet 59% of men and only 52% of women received a raise last year. We still have a long way to go to even out the salaries.

Jaded with Education, More Americans Are Skipping College | Associated Press

Nationwide, undergraduate college enrollment dropped 8% from 2019 to 2022. Economists think this could cause future labor shortages. Is it the cost of college? Certainly, that’s one factor. Read this and see what your takeaway is.

Networking is asking for AIR


When you network, all you are doing is asking for AIR.

  • Learn about their career
  • Learn about their company
  • Learn about the industry
  • Validate skills/experience
  • Ask for referrals, other companies


Top Remote Work Categories and How to Plan Your Remote Job Search | HR Bartender

Most job boards (i.e., Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor) offer the option to filter a job search by remote only, hybrid or in-person only. Experiment with different filters to help find appropriate jobs. See more of my tips in this interview with Sharlyn Lauby.


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