Summary Sunday: Issue #500

Summary Sunday started as a way to keep track of all the great articles I read and shared on social media. It has now become something that people look forward to each week. I’m thrilled and honored!

Summary Sunday Issue 500

The first issue was published in 2009, during The Great Recession. Though the labor market has seen ups and downs over the 13 years, the common topics haven’t changed much – getting noticed, standing out, being proactive, mastering interviews, understanding salaries, and staying motivated.

Take a stroll through the years of Summary Sunday. (Thank you to Mike Ryan for inspiring this idea.) And thank you for being a part of this journey!

And thank you to all the super smart people who write and speak about job search topics and have helped millions of people over the years!


In this week’s summary, you’ll find:

  • 40+ top job search articles 2022
  • The power of referrals
  • Interview questions for candidates
  • 5 skills for 2023
  • Your brain on back-to-back meetings
  • Wage growth in Q4
  • The positive side of tech layoffs
  • A Twitter alternative

Enjoy this week’s summary! And be sure to follow the authors for more.


🗼 Top Job Search Articles of 2022 | JobMob

Each year Jacob Share compiles a list of top job search articles by career and job search bloggers. This year’s list contains articles from over 40 experts. The topics are wide-ranging – from resumes to interviewing and everything in between (and beyond). Bookmark so you can refer to it later.

The Power of Referrals in a Job Search | Career Impressions

Adrienne Tom writes: Referrals are often called a job seeker''s silver bullet because companies prefer to hire people they know, like, and trust. See data that backs up the power of being a referred candidate.


7 – Interviews Work Both Ways – Job Searching Is Hard | Karpiak Consulting

This newsletter by Adam Karpiak is new-ish with only 7 issues. What I enjoy about it is that it’s helpful and Adam really responds to the needs and wants of his readers. This issue includes five questions job seekers can ask during a job interview (and why).


These are the top 5 skills you need to get hired in 2023 | FastCompany

If you know yourself, you’ll understand your strengths and the skills you need to develop. Try curiosity, learning agility, growth mindset, critical analysis and collaboration.

This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You’re In Back-To-Back Meetings | Huffington Post

You’ve got to see the results! Not only does stress increase, but the research done in late 2021 by Microsoft''s Human Factors Lab found that “[p]articipants who took breaks showed positive frontal alpha asymmetry, suggesting higher engagement during the meetings.”


Growth in US Posted Wages Strong but Slowing Substantially | Indeed

 “Year-over-year posted wage growth has declined substantially in recent months, falling from a peak of 9% in March 2022, a signal employers now face less-steep competition for new hires.” “In November, posted wages grew a strong 6.5% year-over-year.”

The hidden upside of tech layoffs | Business Insider

Laid-off tech workers are landing new jobs – fast. “72% have found new jobs within three months. Even more surprising, a little over half of them have landed roles that actually payA moreA than what they were earning in the jobs they lost.” This is according to Revelio Labs, a workforce-data provider. (While this data isn’t publicly available yet, one of the economists says it will be published soon.) Thanks to Kelli Hrivnak for finding this!

percent of aid off tech workers who found jobs


Things are getting very strange on Twitter these days. While I’m still active there, I’m now on a new platform called Post. You can follow me here.

Get Started For New Users | Post

See how to signup, build your profile and add updates. It’s very much like Twitter.


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