Should You Take A Low-Paying Job That You Love…or a High-Paying Job You Don’t Like Much?

<p>It s a question that many people ask. It s whether or not they are willing to take a pay cut knowing it s a job that they like. Here s the kicker: they are currently working a job that they don t like but pays well.</p>
<p>This is a bit of an issue here for many people. The money is the main reason why they stay. However, they wish they were someplace else.</p>
<p>Why waste your time and energy on something that is not so rewarding? Why work a job where you are not appreciated? The solution may be to take a job that you ll love while taking a cut in pay.</p>
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It may sound insane. Plus, you may feel like you could lose out on certain things you re paying each month. At the end of the day, it may be worth the sacrifice.

Let s take a look at why you should take a low-paying job that you love. Even if it means taking less money in pay.

Take the job anyways, despite getting paid less

Let s face it: you value your health and mentality over money. Before you take the job, you want to figure out what the future holds for any payments you could be making on your student loans. A student loan payoff calculator will come in handy here.

You may be paying per month on certain things like Netflix, Hulu, or something that you enjoy using. Will it get the ax if you get paid less? That depends.

But you may be looking at the possibility of making some cuts in the budget. As we ve said before, it s worth the sacrifice. Even if money will be less than usual, you know that you cannot afford to pile on the stress that comes with a job that you don t like.

Why is this high-paying job something you don t like?

We get it. The money is good. Yet, you have little to no say in anything. You may not get the time you want off. You are working long hours. It may be to the point where you are exhausted and borderline burnt out.

Why let yourself go through all the trouble? You may risk certain health issues later on in life if you keep going down that path.

While the pay may seem great, it s not worth sacrificing your mental and physical health. Before you leave your high-paying job that you hate for one you might love (with little pay), ask yourself:

  • How much am I willing to lose a year?
  • What is making me want to leave this current job?
  • What will change if I take the new job today?
  • How will I feel in six months (or more) if I take the new job?
  • How will I feel in six months if I stay at this current job?

These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself. The answers may seem like no brainers at this point.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for motivation to leave your job despite the pay being great, think about the future. Do you want to risk your health (mentally and physically) for the sake of money? Or do you want to have peace of mind despite losing out on thousands of dollars each year?

Your health and well-being ought to be more important than money.

If you have a job opportunity where the pay is lower than your current salary, you d be wise to take it. Your future self will thank you later on in life.

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