Summary Sunday: Issue #495

A smart job search starts by understanding what you want, recruiting and hiring trends, and workplace trends. That’s why I round up articles each week that address these topics.

Summary Sunday Issue 495

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles and resources about:

  • LinkedIn’s algorithm
  • Easily find posts from people you want to see on LinkedIn
  • The “why” behind interview questions
  • Hiring trends in 2023
  • Improving engagement advice
  • Flexible work is key
  • Open-source guide to help managers during layoffs
  • Building relationships when working remotely
  • Google career certifications

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The Algorithm Report 2022 | Richard van der Blom

In this 57-page report, you’ll see research findings to help create more engaging LinkedIn content. The insight from over 10,000 posts will help you create better content on LinkedIn. A few noteworthy findings were:

  • After publishing a post, stick around to engage yourself in your feed
  • Use 7 slides for your Document Posts
  • Hashtags between 1 and 10 show almost no difference, we advise 3 – 5
  • Ideal post is 400 characters less compared to 2021

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Creating a Favorite LinkedIn Content Creators Filter Ensuring You Won’t Miss their Latest Posts | Kevin D. Turner

This Video will show you create a filter, so you won’t miss posts from your favorite people on LinkedIn. By saving the list of people as a Browser Bookmark, you can easily use it anytime. Thanks to Brenda Meller for sharing this.


The 11 Most Common Questions Asked In Interviews And Why | Shelley Piedmont

You know they are coming, so be aware of why they are asked, so you can strategize on the most compelling answers you can provide.


Recruiting & Hiring Trends to Expect in 2023 | Sarah Johnston, Briefcase Coach

“We will see a rise in fractional leadership and side hustles, job candidates will continue to seek flexibility as a primary job perk, and companies will be fastidious about hiring only the strongest employees.”

This is supported by the predictions of recruiting leaders and career professionals. Follow these experts on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date. PS: My prediction is featured among these.

Job Search Challenge

I will be posting a 5-week job search challenge. Each post lists activities for job seekers. Here are the activities for last week. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn for week 3’s job search challenge.

Job Search Challenge week 2


One Way to Quell the Quitters | Daniel Goleman for Korn Ferry

Whether you are a leader or worker, this reinforces the importance of good management. Job seekers, take note! Ask questions of your future boss and colleagues to gauge these factors of engagement: clear expectations; access to resources; opportunities to develop and excel; recognition; caring relationships with leaders; solicitation of input and opinions; committed team members; camaraderie; and a connection to purpose and meaning.

Forget WFH. Professionals Want to Work Whenever | The Org

This is a summary of the quarterly report, Future Forum, a future-of-work think tank launched by Slack. The report polled over 10,000 knowledge workers across industries, company sizes and seven countries.

Key take-aways:

“Professionals with schedule flexibility felt 35% more productive than those without, Future Forum found. Yet, just over half of surveyed workers reported having little to no ability to adjust their hours from a preset schedule.”

“Seventy percent of knowledge workers say they''d consider leaving an inflexible job, but that''s not the only factor driving turnover. A whopping 55% of polled employees indicate they''re open to finding a new job in 2023, even if flexibility isn''t an issue.”

Supporting Your Team During Times of Uncertainty and Change | Lars Schmidt, Amplify Academy

An open-source guide for managers leading their employees through RIFs, layoffs, change and uncertainty. This is a free resource and a generous effort to help train managers that need help with layoffs.


Yes, You Can Still Make Friends at Work If You''re Remote. Here''s How. | The Muse

Follow these 8 tips when working remotely to establish stronger working relationships.


What You Need to Know About Google Career Certificates | US News & World Report

Learning new in-demand tech skills doesn’t require enrolling in college. Google''s online learning programs already offer certificates in IT support. Now Google certificate programs cover user-experience design, project management and data analytics '' and include an Android development certification course.


MACCA Conference Keynote

Hannah Morgan keynote at MACCA
Hannah at MACCA

I finally had the chance to meet colleagues face-to-face at this conference. Many I’ve only known virtually! It was an honor to be invited to present on the topic of career portfolios!

If you are one of the many career professionals I had the chance to finally meet, it was awesome!!!


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