Summary Sunday: Issue #459

As you skim through this week’s summary you’ll find resources to help you job search smarter!

The survey reports can provide insight into how recruiters and companies think (they are claiming skills gap issues again).

You’ll also find company lists to help you identify companies you may be interested in (but have never heard of).

Be sure you take the right actions for the right reasons during your job search.

Summary Sunday Issue #459

In this week’s summary, you’ll find tips to help your job search.

  • LinkedIn advice
  • 2 lists of companies
  • Data about job search
  • and 2 articles about today’s workplace and workforce trends.


LinkedIn Contact Information — Almost Everyone s Huge Mistake | Avid Careerist

I bet you didn’t think of it this way…

“Failing to provide contact information is the biggest mistake I see job seekers make on LinkedIn.

While you might think, Oh, they can send me an InMail, many recruiters don t use InMail because:

It has a sucky response rate.
They have to pay for it.”

Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer


Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work 2022

Whether it’s the top large businesses or small to medium, you’ll see companies where employees are happy! Here’s a glimpse of the top 5. Use this list to add companies to your target list. Follow them and find people you know inside.

LARGE Companies


#2 HubSpot

#3 Bain & Company

#4 eXp Realty

#5 Box

SMALL & MEDIUM Companies

#1 KlientBoost

#2 Grover Gaming

#3 6sense

#4 LifeOmic


FlexJobs’ Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2022

The annual list of companies that post the most remote jobs is up!

It also includes the top fields offering remote work and top remote job titles.

[“remote job is defined as a professional-level job that allows employees to work from home either all or part of the time.]

  1. BroadPath
  2. Liveops
  3. SYKES
  4. Working Solutions
  5. SAP


Demystifying the Latest US Jobs Report | Teal

The employment landscape favors job seekers. But to learn more, check out this overview of what the numbers tell us.

PS: Check out the free tools and services Teal offers.

The State of Job Seekers in 2022 | Talroo

  • Job seeker and recruiter survey results
  • Common disconnects in the recruiting process
  • Most important factors to job seekers
  • Recommended strategies for 2022 success

[Note: employees surveyed for this report come from call centers (25%), manufacturing (22%), or restaurants (21%).]

45% of job seekers in this segment are not tapping into offline job search opportunities (networking, newspapers, etc.)

Talroo offline sources and online sources for jobs

Also of note, almost 25% of recruiters don’t inform candidates that they didn’t get the job after interviews.

Talroo recruiters not informing candidates after interview


December’s hiring slows 7%, but recreation and travel stay strong | Workforce Insights by LinkedIn newsletter

Hiring for the month has slowed, but did you know that “[f]or all of 2021, the LinkedIn Hiring rate rose 14.6%. But the vast majority of that gain occurred in the year s first three months.”

Plus there’s a graph showing Hiring Trends by Industry.

Do you subscribe to newsletters offered by people/companies on LinkedIn?

The Future of Work: 2022 Global Report | Monster

In this global report, you’ll find information about:

  • Increased competition
  • Employer vs. candidate priorities
  • The return to work
  • Skills gaps

Note the change from 2021 to 2022 in factors that recruiters say make a candidate stand out.

  1. Interview presence
  2. Internship/relevant work experience
  3. Skills match*
  4. Any prior work experience
  5. Culture fit
  6. Experience with tech/platforms
  7. Leadership experience
  8. College or university degree
  9. Social media presence
  10. Volunteer experience
  11. Willingness to take lower pay
  12. GPA/grades
Monster Top Factors that make candidates stand out


How To Answer Why Should We Hire You ? | 3Plus International

Are you ready to answer this question (implied or asked out-right)?

2022 Career Trends Summit | career intelligence Resumes

Featuring Lisa Rangel, Mark Anthony Dyson and me.

2022 Career Trends Sumit Special LinkedIn Live

Which Career Trends Will Dominate This Year?Things have turned upside down over the last 24 months. For business and employees. We’ve been reading about The …

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