How To Build Positive Workplace Relationships

Building workplace relationships is an important component of being successful in your career. This doesn''t mean you need to be completely extroverted in every situation, but it does mean you need to make an effort to get to know the people with whom you work and learn about what skills and abilities they bring to the table.

Although you are at work to do a job, it will be a much more pleasant experience if you enjoy the company of the people on your team or in your department, so try to get off to a good start.

The expression about only getting one chance to make a first impression is absolutely true, so make sure you put your best foot forward each and every time you have an opportunity to build new workplace relationships. If you''re giving your best effort every day, your co-workers will begin to realize they can depend on you to do a good job.

Also, as hard as it may be sometimes, try to have a good attitude at work. No one likes to work with someone who is constantly negative and complains about every little task.

Tips For Building Positive Workplace Relationships

Here are a few additional tips to encourage positive workplace relationships:

  • Be friendly and encouraging to co-workers.
  • Be responsible. If you say you''re going to do something, do it. If you''re unable to complete a task for some reason, make sure information is communicated to all team members who would be impacted.
  • If you share an office, be considerate. Find out how your office mate works and be respectful. For example, some people need to work in complete silence, while others enjoy background music. Make sure you''re not inadvertently making your office mate crazy with your personal habits.
  • Understand that people are unique and dwell on their positive qualities, not their negative qualities. It''s acceptable to not be friends with everyone, but try to at least be professional and cordial in your interactions.
  • Rise above office gossip. No one wants to earn the reputation of being the office busybody.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! Your co-workers are not mindreaders, so make sure you''re communicating with them and your manager on a regular basis.
Ultimately, building positive workplace relationships will make it easier to enjoy your job and grow your career. So, no matter if you work from home or in the office, remember these tips the next time you interact with your co-workers.

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