Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes When You’ve Been Laid Off

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes When You’ve Been Laid Off

Losing your job can be absolutely devastating and send you into a complete spiral. While its natural to freak out a little, letting your emotions overwhelm you during tumultuous time can lead you to make some serious mistakes that might make matters worse for you in the long run.

Very few people handle getting laid off properly - here are some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Forgetting the Legalities

Most people will simply accept the you re fired, scenario without ever properly questioning the fairness of it. However, your boss can t simply lay you off without good reason, and if you suspect that your dismissal wasn t fair, you can actually fight against it.

If you feel like there s something fishy going on with the way you were dismissed, the reasons behind it, or anything similar, you could start by getting in touch with a Calgary employment law firm to help you dig a little deeper into the scenario.


When you get laid off, it s normal to be shocked and begin to worry about what your next steps will be. However, allowing yourself to get completely overwhelmed and lose yourself to the panic will be seriously detrimental.

When you re left unexpectedly unemployed you need your wits about you to start planning and preparing for your next steps. So, gather yourself and remember that problems can always be solved with the right mindset! 

Not Assessing Your Finances

Another major mistake is forgetting to come up with a game plan. Even if you start job hunting the very moment you learn about your lay-off, it could still take months to land a new position. This is why you ll need to come up with a financial plan as soon as possible. 

Take a look at your monthly expenses and determine what can be cut if the need arises. Assess what money you have in savings to help carry you through, and consider a quick an easy additional stream of income to help tie you over until you find full-time employment. 

Forgetting Your Network

Of course, scrolling through job boards and searching for open positions in your field will probably yield plenty of jobs available for you to apply for. However, so many people forget to look in the most obvious places - such as their existing networks. 

From getting in touch with former colleagues to finally making that call to that person you met at that event that one time last year… There will always be a breadcrumb trail that you can follow of people you could talk to that might know of a position for you and even be able to put a good word in. 

Neglecting Self-Care

Losing your job can be a serious knock to your self-confidence and job hunting is a strenuous process in itself.

Through all of it, don t forget to be kind to yourself. Manage your stress levels with hobbies you find relaxing, and blow off steam with someone you love and trust, and with whom you can find support and encouragement.