7 Easy Ways to Update Your Interview Wardrobe and Job Search Outlook

Seasonal affective disorder affects approximately 5% of the population and as much as 20% of people can relate to some degree of the winter blues or seasonal depression. When your job search has been dragging on for months already, hitting this slump as temperatures dip and colors fade to winter greys can throw off your job search game.

If you require a bit of a pick-me-up as summer fades to fall, you''ll love these tips to update your interview wardrobe and practice self-care:

Add a few colorful pieces to your wardrobe

Color is one of the key elements of your surroundings that are sucked out in the winter months. You may have noticed a trend of colors in people’s wardrobes and decor becoming equally muted or dull. While some people love earthy colors and look forward to pumpkin and cinnamon everything, others feel as washed out and down.

Find a few brighter color accents and tops to add to your wardrobe. Putting them on before an interview will lift your spirits and may even help you stand out in a bold, bright, and positive light during interviews '' even if they are virtual. 

Wear an uplighting fall fragrance 

This tip may not work for everyone. But if you''re fond of wearing scented products, you could try switching up your fragrance in the fall and winter months. This could work the same for candles or diffusers in your home as well.

We tend to grow nose-blind to our everyday scents. Trying something different, especially if it has homeopathic properties that are known to boost moods, like certain essential oils and herbs, can stimulate serotonin and dopamine levels.

Try a new haircut or color

Fall and winter are great times to try something new with your hair. New cuts, colors, or just accessories can boost your confidence and your mood. You''ll have plenty of time to grow your hair out for a fresh summer style. 

If you can afford to go to a salon, the experience of getting out of your house and socializing can help to charge you up a bit as well. You may even make new networking connections while out mingling who can help you on your job search. 

Splurge on one item that boosts your confidence 

Money can be tight when you''re out of work. Splurging means different amounts of money for different people and life circumstances. It should never be out of your means, but it doesn''t hurt to take a few dollars and treat yourself.

This could be your visit to the salon for a new hairstyle or the high-end earrings you''ve been saving for. It could also mean going to the local thrift store and looking for a designer suit at a bargain price. The cost doesn''t matter as much as doing it guilt-free because it makes you feel happy and confident.

Invest in mood light

There are countless brands on the market in all price ranges, but they are well worth the investment if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. In fact, they help boost your mood and offer countless other health benefits even if you don''t feel the effects of winter blues. 

The light stimulates Vitamin D production by simulating sunlight without the harmful effects of UV rays. You can make a few minutes in front of the light a part of your daily routine or just use it for a pick-me-up when you need it.

Drink more water

When we''re sweating in the heat of summer, we naturally drink plenty of water. But when winter months set in, we often neglect to consume enough H2O to keep our brains and bodies functioning at peak capacity. Just 2% dehydration can impair your memory and cognition by as much as 5%. So, keep a water bottle nearby at all times and track your water consumption to make sure you''re feeling your best.

Moisturize and massage 

Proper hydration will play a big role in how healthy your complexion is, but adding in a moisturizing routine can boost your mood while improving your skin. Facial and hand massages, in particular, have been proven to decrease tension and anxiety and improve sleep.

Realistically, you can massage without a moisturizer to relax muscles and reduce stress, but it doesn''t hurt to add it to your daily routine so you make it a habit. Applying a moisturizer with SPF each morning gives you natural protection from the sun and massaging calming oils into your skin before bed helps prepare you for meditation and can help you fall asleep faster. Not to mention, your skin will look and feel great.

Adding a few steps to your self-care routine and a few updates to your wardrobe and appearance can reset your entire outlook on the job search. These tactics work any time of year, but keep a close pulse on your mental health when sweater weather rolls.


Make Health and Wellness a Part of Your Job Search

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