It’s Taking Longer To Get Hired. Here’s Why…

It's taking longer to get hired, folks. This is according to an article on LinkedIn showing that the U.S. Department of Labor has reported that over 800,000 unemployed workers went from taking three and a half months to find a job to over six months. That's up 36% since April of 2022.

So, why is it taking longer to get hired?

Why It's Taking Longer To Get Hired

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Reason #1

The first reason why it's taking longer to get hired is the talent market is flooded. In the second half of 2022, in the tech sector, more people got laid off than during the entirety of the Great Recession of 2008. And the layoffs keep coming. Google just announced more layoffs. So, due to all of these layoffs, there's a lot of top talent flooding the market right now'”professionals who have desirable, in-demand skill sets and experience.

Reason #2

If you are unemployed for a while, either voluntarily or involuntarily (you quit or got fired), it's going to be harder for you to get a job now because companies are going to question why you've been out of work so long. This is definitely a factor in why it's taking longer for you to get hired. Is it right or fair? No, but it's the reality. There's a stigma surrounding it. Companies are going to hire the people that are employed or just recently let go in a public layoff first before they look at the candidates who've been unemployed for a month or two.

So, what can you do to speed up your job search?

Here are some simple tips to follow:

  1. Customize your resume for each position you apply for
  2. Write a disruptive cover letter
  3. Identify your "dream companies" and add them to your interview bucket list
  4. Build and utilize your professional network
  5. Prepare for job interviews by conducting mock interviews with friends

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