Summary Sunday: Issue #510

There are a lot of moving parts to a job search. Organization, follow-up, communication, and confidence are almost as important as having a good LinkedIn profile and resume. Do you have all the pieces in place?

Summary Sunday Issue 510

This week’s summary has information to help you become a smarter job seeker. You’ll learn about:

  • Answering salary expectation interview questions
  • Job interview warning signs
  • An alternative to spraying and praying
  • Where your job search is breaking down
  • Complexities of the labor market
  • How to talk to your boss when you learn someone is paid more than you

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How to Answer 'œWhat Are Your Salary Expectations?' | Harvard Business Review

This article by Amy Gallo lays out two different approaches and sample responses for answering this question. Prepare and practice because you will absolutely be asked this and likely during the phone screen.

Watch Out for These 14 Red Flags During Your Job Interviews | Shelley Piedmont

You want to make a great impression during the interview, but you also are there to determine if you want this job. Don’t dismiss these red flags during a job interview. They could be symptoms of other problems.


Forget Cold Emails or DMs | David Hannan

This proven 8-step strategy will deliver your target audience to you organically. But there is one warning… you have to put in the work – consistently.

Resumes Alone Don’t Win Jobs | Adrienne Tom

Instead of relying on your resume to land you a job, review this list and see what else you might need to do to make it to the final round. Of course, you need a good resume, but identify where your search is breaking down and fix that problem.


The Churning US Labor Market'¦ And Why We Need 'œLabor Anthropologists.' | Josh Bersin

Take a deeper look at what is really happening when we have low employment but also a large number of layoffs. It’s not as simple as looking at the labor market. Bersin writes:
“The labor market, your company, and your profession is more like an 'œanthropology' than a 'œmarket.' It evolves and changes, and you should try to understand it.”


Steps to consider when a colleague gets paid more than you | Financial Management Magazine

It’s likely that you have or will be faced with this scenario. The key to having any conversation with your boss is planning it out, practicing, and removing your emotions.


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'œHow Do You Handle Conflict?' How To Answer Effectively

6 Ways To Get Your Job Search On Track

10 Multitasking Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

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