When You Should Leave A High-Paying Job For A Lower-Paying Job

When You Should Leave A High-Paying Job For A Lower-Paying Job

While making the most money we can (or at least enough to be comfortable) is the goal, sometimes a high-paying job costs you more in the end. You might have to give up things that are important to you like job security, stress-free work, and work-life balance. So, when should you leave a high-paying job for a lower-paying job? How do you know it's time to find a new job?

Leave Your High-Paying Job For A Lower-Paying Job If THIS Is Happening...

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If you're getting thrown around in a job and it's really draining you, but they pay you a lot of money, you have what we call "golden handcuffs." You're trapped. And the reality is if you can't find a way to make peace with that, if you can't find a way to not let the way they throw you around and raise your blood pressure bother you, then it is time to move on.

Now, oftentimes when you decide to leave a high-paying job, you get offered a job that would require you to take a huge pay cut. If that happens to you, don't assume that's your next long-term career move. Look at this lower-paying job as an opportunity for you to get yourself back to a happy place and figure out how much more money you need. You might be perfectly happy with the lower salary, or you might decide you want to start a side hustle, or you might decide that you want to take this time to do the homework and figure out your next career move so that you can make more money and be happier no matter what.

It comes back to working on yourself. And if this lower-paying job will allow you to do that for, say, six months to a year, then I would say go for it. Leave that high-paying job for a lower-paying one. Your career and mental health will thank you.

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