Top Innovative Tips to Make a Good Impression When Looking for a Job


Let s be real, looking for a new job is stressful! First, there is an overwhelming sea of choices you have to choose from, and it can be stressful for a lot of people! Even if you have your mind set on one particular career, choosing the right place to apply for can be hard. Furthermore, if you are an anxious person, or someone who cannot really loosen up and act normal in front of strangers, especially in formal conversations, interviews can be difficult. 

Here is a list of tips that can be useful for someone who wants to make a great first impression:

  1. Do the homework

You do not want to be one of those people who come in and do not know what they re talking about. You apply for a job; you do the homework days prior to the interview. Now, we have so much public information about corporations and small businesses that, with one click, you can see what the company stands for, what it is trying to do in the world, and who is helping its cause. These 3 points will help you so much in the interview as you will look well prepared and really interested in the company s mission. Make a list of things you can do to help their cause, and be ready to present your way of thinking and planning. Mention their great accomplishments throughout the years and insert an idea of how to continue the progress. Don t sound too condescending, though, you want to make an impression that you want to be the needed addition to the team, not the savior they did not ask for! This way, you re not just another person that they will forget instantly after the interview.

  1. Create an eye-catching resume

It is 2022, we no longer care for PDF or Word resumes. Let s get creative and impress the employer even more by showing our technical and creative skills. One innovative and extremely impressive way to make your resume stand out is to make it as your own personal landing page. In a way, you are branding yourself and your abilities. Now, it may sound like a very complex thing to do, but it is pretty simple. First, you need to use a site for your domain check, to see if it is available. Next, you can choose from the countless resume website templates and find the perfect template that represents you. You fill it in with relevant information about your work history and personal information and make it look organized with small details about your skills and hobbies outside work life. You should also optimize the page for SEO with the relevant keywords for your profession and make sure it is fully visible and functional if you open it from a mobile device. 

These kinds of resumes make you memorable, and show you have put in the time and effort to make your first impression.

  1. Converse in order to connect

By saying have a relaxed conversation , we don t mean get a cup of coffee and talk about your personal life! Keep It professional, but try to insert some unique information that will help you represent who you truly are. Don t be afraid to express your thoughts about the industry you work in, or some innovative ideas that might help the work flow or environment. Depending on your field, you can talk about hobbies outside work that are somehow connected to what you do, and can spark an interest in the interviewer and a bonding conversation. If you are applying in a digital marketing company, talk about your creative ideas and savvy tech skills. If you are applying for a finance position, talk about your love of numbers and maybe some organizational skills when it comes to expenses in everyday life. 

Do not forget how important it is to leave an impression that you are interested in the culture of the company. Shift your conversation to your new colleagues, be interested in their work atmosphere and try to learn more about them. At the end of the day, you will be with them for a third of your day, and you want to enjoy that time

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