Tips for Adding Excitement to Your Day


Boredom comes in many forms, and you might be most familiar with it in a couple of these - namely, short-term and long-term. Short-term boredom can crop up when you simply have a day to yourself and you re unsure of what to do with it, leading all of your possible activities to feel dull and unappealing. However, you might find this less troubling than long-term boredom, which can go about making your day-to-day life something miserable, leaving you feeling as though what comes next is predictable and mundane.

So, perhaps what you need is to add some excitement to your routine. Just having that element of spontaneity and adrenaline can be what you need to feel more in the moment, anticipating what comes next rather than expecting it.

Take Risks

Safety is something that many people enjoy, and for good reason. It s something that people ultimately strive towards, and it s important and positive to know that you re in a safe, comfortable position. However, the comfort that this provides isn t without its drawbacks. While knowing that you re safe in life isn t something that you should ever trade in, it can lead to people becoming over-cautious, which can prevent them from taking risks in life that could ultimately work out in their favor. Sometimes, the risk isn t worth it, but that s not something that you ll know unless you re willing to weigh the costs in the first place and step out of your comfort zone.

Again, this isn t to say that you should throw yourself in harm s way, but simply be a bit more open to the opportunities that life throws at you, even if they aren t necessarily something you d normally do. You ll never broaden your perspective otherwise, even though it can often feel more comfortable to stick with what you know. 

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Be Spontaneous

Similarly, learning that things don t have to be planned in advance can make your calendar open to a lot of exciting entries. It might be that you re used to saying no to proposed events simply because you feel as though you weren t given enough notice beforehand. This could be something that doesn t represent an actual problem but simply works to keep you inside of your comfort zone. Of course, there will be times when someone extends an invitation to you, and you simply don t want to go, and you don t have to say yes to absolutely everything, but there are advantages to being spontaneous, and you might find that you end up feeling a lot more relaxed when you re not constantly on edge or trying to control everything. This relaxation could end up serving you well, as it might allow you to focus on what s happening right in front of you instead of finding yourself stuck inside your own head.

The best way to examine this possibility could be by looking at an example. Say you ve planned something for the weekend. Perhaps you re planning on meeting your friend for a drink; you might have a certain notion about how this weekend is going to play out in your mind, which is natural. However, you might find that once you re there, your friend sees something and suggests that you both investigate it or try out something different that wasn t part of the original plan in your head. You might find yourself stubborn and unwilling to budge on the original vision, but going with the flow could lead you to something different, memorable, and exciting.

Talk to People

Sometimes, you simply don t want to deal with other people; you might find it more appealing to simply keep your head down, get on with what you need to, and complete the day as intended. However, without expanding your social circle, you might find it difficult to include different perspectives and outlooks that could positively affect how you live your life in and out of work. You might feel as though you live the way you do because it s how you want to live, and that may well be true, but without knowing the full range of possibilities around you, you re not in the best position possible to make these decisions.

All this to say, if you re feeling as though your life doesn t contain enough excitement, something needs to change. Change is often scary, but with that fear comes excitement, and it s often necessary to step into the unknown in order to reap the personal benefits that such a leap can bring. 

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