Summary Sunday: Issue #511

There are common problems many job seekers face during their job search. If you are struggling, you aren’t alone.

Summary Sunday Issue 511

In this week’s Summary Sunday, you’ll find out what some of these problems are and how to fix them!

  • 12 sources recruiters use to find high-quality talent
  • Public library resources
  • Job search scams
  • Talk to former employees
  • 2 new LinkedIn features for job seekers
  • Messaging hiring managers (and 6 templates)
  • Before you quit, evaluate these 6 things
  • Stop assuming the worst
  • 4 day workweek

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12 Places Corporate Recruiters Look For Their Next Hire | Chameleon Resumes

It has never been more important to diversify your job search. Lisa Rangel shares her survey of corporate recruiters which asks which sources they use to find qualified candidates.

Get Job Search Help At Your Public Library | Career Toolbelt

There are many reasons to visit your local public library and discover the resources available for your job search. And don’t forget, your library makes a great getaway for a change of scenery.

Is This Job for Real? Dodging Fake Recruiters and Employment Scams | Robert Half

Beware of job scams! Here’s what to watch out for so that bad actors don’t “gather personally identifiable information (PII) from you during the 'œhiring' process that enables them to steal your money or identity or trick you into laundering cash for them.”

Talk to former employees before accepting job offer | Adam Karpiak

Be sure to check out the comments for additional tips on how to do this and why it’s so important.

talk to former employees


2 NEW Linkedin Feature(s) that help both Job Seekers & Recruiters | Kevin D. Turner

Check out these two new features for job seekers that are rolling out on LinkedIn. Also, be sure to follow Kevin D. Turner on LinkedIn to keep up with all the changes on LinkedIn.

A Better Way to Message Hiring Managers on LinkedIn (with 6 message templates) | Perfect-Fit Positioning

In Jessica Hernandez‘s LinkedIn newsletter, she shares how to find the hiring manager on LinkedIn, choose the right person to connect with, and what to say to the hiring manager when you reach out to connect and after applying for the job.


Should I Stay or Should I Go | Win-Win Hiring

Lou Adler created a visual to help you decide if you should quit your job or stay. Just rank the six factors on a 1-5 scale from terrible to outstanding.

How to Focus and Move Past Your Destructive or Distracting Inner Narratives | Inc.

We can be our own worst enemies if we let our thoughts get in the way. Rather than assume or let feelings guide decisions, there’s one question you have to ask yourself!


4-day work week trial yields overwhelming success in U.K., researchers say | PBS Newshour

“61 companies that participated from June to December will keep going with the shorter hours and that most employees were less stressed and had better work-life balance.” Here are some of the results:

  • 71% of employees self-reported lower levels of burnout
  • 65% reduction in sick days
  • 57% fall in the number of staff leaving
  • Revenue increased by 1.4% on average for the 23 organizations that could provide data


Searching for a job is a process! It starts with you being clear about your skills and how you want to use them! But before you write your resume, know what types of jobs you are targeting so you can address the required skills on your resume. But don’t stop here! Follow these six steps.

6 step job search process


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