Summary Sunday: Issue #478

This week’s Summary Sunday provides updates, advice and tips on how to job search and manage your career as we enter into the new normal.

Summary Sunday Issue 478

In this week’s summary, you’ll find:

  • LinkedIn tips and debunking myths
  • Recruiter tips for job seekers
  • Ways to build your target list
  • Tips to reduce age bias on your resume
  • 10 reasons remote work could hurt your career
  • Jump back into networking
  • The challenges to today’s workforce
  • Emotional Intelligence resources

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Serious LinkedIn Mistakes Making You Hard to Find |

Here are 6 ways you could be making your LinkedIn Profile difficult to find on LinkedIn, along with corrections for greater visibility. By Laura Smith-Proulx.

Mythbusting the Feed: Helping our members better understand LinkedIn | Official LinkedIn Blog

The first in their promised series of mythbusting LinkedIn says:
“Starting today and over the next several weeks, we ll publish ‘Mythbusting the Feed’, a series of blog posts and on-platform content that will address these and other questions, aiming to provide greater insights into how our product works, and addressing common misconceptions and assumptions.”

It starts with answering these two questions:

  • What kind of conversations are welcomed on LinkedIn?
  • What does it mean to be professional when it comes to content on LinkedIn?


Job Searching? 19 Creative Ways To Build Your Target Company List | Chameleon Resumes

Lisa Rangel knows that a strong job search starts with a target list. Use her CAVAC™ model to build your list!

Recruiters, what s one piece of advice every jobseeker should know? | Adam Karpiak (Twitter)

Lots of advice from recruiters to job seekers in this thread! Learn and apply.


Do These 9 Things On Your Resume To Reduce Ageism Bias | Shelley Piedmont

Age bias exists. And we can’t eliminate it. But, you can “diminish the possibility that your resume highlights information that either a recruiter or hiring manager will use to reject you from the hiring process because of your age.”


Stop - Don t Choose Remote Work Without Reading This (The top 10 career advantages from working in the office ) | Dr. John Sullivan

Remote work may be preferred, but read these 10 reasons why it may not be the best option if you want to grow your career.


Haven t Networked in a While? Here s How to Jump Back In. | Harvard Business Review

Dorie Clark spells out networking tips, because… we are all a little rusty. See why it’s important to rebuild your dormant ties and more ways to jump back into the networking waters.


Return of the Labor Force | Emsi Burning Glass

Return of the Labor Force

Ron Hetrick is back to tackle the questions everyone is asking… How do we bridge the gap in our labor force? When will people return? What should we do?Tun…

Ron Hetrick answers… How do we bridge the gap in our labor force? When will people return? What should we do?

Older workers are retiring, parents can’t get affordable childcare, and younger workers are on the sidelines. That’s what we’ve got right now. We have the people, they just aren’t working. How do we fix this?

For more data, check out Emsi’s report: Bridging the Gap In Our Labor Force

Turn Your Employer Brand Into a Growth Driver | LinkedIn Marketing

Expect to see even more employers focusing on their branding to attract candidates. “A study by LinkedIn and the brand strategy and design consultancy Lippincot shows… Businesses with aligned consumer and talent brands saw an 87% increase in their application rate from candidates and a 3x increase in their conversion-to-hire rate.”


Katrina Kibben points out there are still recruiters who care. (In the aftermath of the Uvalde school shooting)

showcase culture - Katrina Kibben


5 Cheap (or Free!) Quizzes to Test Your Emotional Intelligence | The Muse

EQ is vital to your job search and career success. Do you know how emotionally intelligent you are? The good news is, you can develop it!

Here are more articles from The Muse


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