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Seven Reasons You are not Getting Hired and How to Fix It

by y4ahmad
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Job search: For better or for worse

Job hunting can be challenging, and a poorly aimed shot will make you lose the game. Unfortunately, it is also a game where many things are not under your control. An inevitable aspect of job hunting is that you may not get the job you applied for; you may get something better or worse. But if you think you are aiming correctly and still not getting a shot, then it’s time to step back and retrospect why you aren’t getting hired. 

Sometimes you may feel clueless about why you weren’t selected for a job profile when your skills and experience match their requirements. Job searching can take a long time and may worsen over time. Therefore, as an active job seeker, you must pinpoint those things hindering your job search and fix them immediately to avoid any delay. 

Why are you not getting hired, and how can you fix it?

It can be disheartening not to see positive results from your job search. Instead of giving up, it is better to examine those reasons that stop you from moving forward in your job search. You can improve in those areas and become a better—suited candidate for recruiters. Here are some reasons why you are not getting hired:

  1. Your application needs work

Your resume and cover work are the most common reasons recruiters are not approaching you. Your resume is the first document that they see and evaluate. Therefore, the resume should be up—to—date and highlight your capabilities. If your application is just like any other, and lacks uniqueness, it will most likely be passed on to the trash.

Enhance your resume and cover letter with an intriguing introduction that is enough to get the recruiter hooked. Then, highlight your skillset, achievements, recognitions, promotions, and other milestones in your career. Finally, use these application form templates to create beautifully—designed applications that contribute equally to getting the recruiters’ attention. 

  1. You aren’t actively applying

Finding the right job usually takes weeks or months. It is inadequate to apply for a few openings in the entire week and sit idle. If you are sending applications to only a few companies and not following up with them, you are missing out on a significant factor in the job searching process. It is equally important to set aside some time to refine your resume. 

You can start by applying to more weekly job openings to fix this problem. You can also follow up with the HR team or the recruiter of the company and ask them about the status of your application if there has been no response for days. Then, you can strategize your job search and apply to jobs where the criteria meet yours. 

  1. You are overqualified

If you have applied for a post exceeding their requirements, there is a possible chance of not getting callbacks from them. It happens because the recruiters think you are overqualified for the job, and you may quit the company after a brief stint due to dissatisfaction with your role. 

Most recruiters only require some skills for the job. If someone applies for a post and the recruiter sees two or three skills matching, it is enough for them to hire the applicant. Since recruiting is a time—consuming process, they would want someone willing to work for the company for an extended period. If you are passionate about a particular job, ensure that the recruiter knows that you have the needed skills and are willing to do tasks that are less complex than what you have done before. 

  1. You are underqualified for the job

Another side of the coin that most of us ignore! It is one of the most obvious reasons for not getting that call from recruiters. It is also why many applicants do not go for jobs where expectations and needed skills are higher than expected. However, you may be accepted for the position if you know how to approach the recruiter concerning how you will do the desired job. 

To make yourself capable of a broad spectrum of jobs, take time to undergo skill tests and earn badges to make yourself stand out. You can also take some time to connect with the company’s manager and convince them that you are ideally suited for whatever the job entails. Other things like internships and volunteering could also help you enhance your skills. 

  1. You are undervaluing your skills and talents

It is necessary to be confident while applying for job posts so that it helps you in the interviews. You need to spread out your wings and show recruiters what you are capable of instead of undermining your abilities. Your resume should be actual proof of the skills and talents you possess and which ones make you a fit candidate for the job. 

When you apply for a job listing, you indirectly sell your skillset. Depending upon the job requirements you are interested in, highlight those skills on your resume so that you stand out from the other interested candidates. Use the same strategy in your cover letter so that recruiters find what they need in the person they are looking for, i.e., you.

  1. You need to up your interviewing skills

After your application is accepted, you will most likely be called for an interview. Your first interview lets recruiters know if you have the needed communication and thinking skills, in addition, to complete professionalism. If you fail to perform well in the first round, the job offer might be another lost opportunity. 

Some ways in which you can establish yourself as a thorough professional in the first interview round are:

  • Be early: It is always better to reach the venue before your scheduled time. It conveys that you are a professional who respects others’ time.
  • Dress appropriately: Your attire must be in sync with the office culture. Although your clothing may change depending upon the nature of the job, it should always be polished and well—maintained. 
  • Keep your phone on silent mode or switch it off: Your attention should not linger during your interview, so keep all distractions at bay. Instead, make eye contact, listen properly and concentrate on your interviewer’s questions. If your phone starts ringing in between, it can be perceived as a mockery of the decorum of the room. 
  • Keep your answers concise: Respecting your interviewers’ time is essential. When they ask you a question, be as brief as possible unless they ask for additional examples. Straight—forward answers can leave quite an impression on them. 
  • Be neutral or positive while explaining your past working environments: Always speak positively or neutrally while sharing your experiences in the past with companies and people. This will show maturity and conflict—resolution skills. Keep it professional and respectful in the professional world. 

  1. You don’t have references

References are an integral part of your resume. They help managers to choose the candidate quickly as they attest to the skills and experiences mentioned in the application. Conversely, if you do not have any references, there is a slight chance of you being eligible for the job. 

To fix this problem, you should reach out to other well—performing individuals who can be a testament to your skills and would recommend you for the job. These references can be acquired from former bosses, colleagues, professors, and others you have worked with. However, make sure that your connections are genuine and know the jobs you are applying for. 

Rectify your job application process

Landing your dream job may take a while, but remember, the best comes to those who wait. Meanwhile, you must brush up on your skills and experiences and think only of those factors in your control. Look for opportunities where your skillset is valued, and don’t forget to take breaks when the job search process becomes cumbersome. 

By B Naomi Grace

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