How To Respond To Lowball Job Offers

You got a lowball job offer. The employer thinks you're desperate for the job. Yet, you know you're worth much more than the salary and benefits package they're offering you. So, what do you do?

What To Do When You Get A Lowball Job Offer

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When you get a lowball job offer, the first thing you should do is make a list of how you meet and exceed every single requirement and/or qualification on that job description. Then, once your list is complete, you're going to reach out to the hiring manager.

I recommend calling the hiring manager to have a conversation so they can hear the sincerity in your voice, but you could also send an email that says, "Thank you so much for the offer. I'm really honored. That's why this is hard for me to share. But the offer came in lower than I expected. I really can meet and exceed everything that you put on that job description." This is where you can share the list you created. Then, you can say, "And for those reasons, I was hoping that you could pay me X." You need to give them a number.

After sharing your list and giving them your preferred salary, you can end your call or email message with a promise by saying, "If you can deliver on that number, I will make sure it is worth every penny." That way, you're making it clear to them that you know your worth and that you are looking for more money. The worst thing that could happen is they come back and say no, and then you can decide if you're going to take the job or not.

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