9 Psychology Fields That Are in High Demand


Most people want to be certain that the subject they study in school will provide them with a long and satisfying career. Psychology is one of the most popular college majors, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, but many psychology degree holders do not have a clear career path after graduation. Fortunately, the field of psychology is vast, and there are plenty of types of psychology professionals that are in high demand.

Career Counseling

The Great Resignation has shown that many millions of Americans are dissatisfied with their current careers and eager to find work that is more rewarding in every way. Career counselors are trained to help workers identify their passions and talents and to guide clients toward career paths that will make them feel fulfilled. Often, career counselors work for government agencies or education institutions.

Family and Marriage Counseling

The divorce rate today is dramatically lower than it was a decade ago, likely because younger couples are much more likely to participate in marriage counseling and gain the tools necessary to improve their relationships. Family and marriage counselors, sometimes called couples counselors, help loved ones navigate their relationships and overcome issues that might be causing tension. This psychology field can be among the highest earning, easily breaking six figures of annual income, but counselors will need to complete an online maser s in psychology to practice.

Engineering Psychology

One of the lesser-known psychology fields, engineering psychology involves studying the correlation between technology and human behavior with the intention of helping businesses build products that are better for users. Engineering psychologists are deeply involved in the design of various types of projects, so this is an ideal field for those who are interested in technology, engineering, design and human behavior.

Industrial-organizational Psychology

An organization is nothing without its workers, and industrial-organization (I/O) psychologists help organizations understand and maintain worker behavior to ensure high morale and high performance. A relatively new specialty, I/O psychology has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to organizations interest in retaining a loyal and productive workforce. I/O psychologists might work in consulting firms, or they might secure employment with major international organizations.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is what most people imagine when they think of practicing psychologists. Clinical psychologists tend to work directly with clients, helping them understand their thought patterns, emotional responses, deviant behaviors and more. Some clinical psychologists have further sub-specialties, like child counseling or grief counseling, but many are willing and able to take on a wide variety of clients for widespread benefit.


Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is a specialty that allows psychologists to work with law enforcement to help solve crimes and achieve justice. Sometimes, forensic psychologists work with investigators to understand criminal motives and behavior patterns. Often, psychologists in this field will serve as expert witnesses during trials, commenting on the mental and emotional state of defendants. This could be a thrilling career field for those passionate about true crime.


A psychology field that could grow in importance as the population continues to age, geropsychology is focused on understanding and improving the mental and emotional states of the elderly as well as their families. Various methods and principles of psychology can aid the aging as they advance in years, and psychologists who work in geropsychology can help their clients maintain their quality of life. Geropsychologists are most often employed in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospice services, but they can run their own dedicated practices, as well.


Psychologists study how the human brain acts — how people s mental processes result in thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Neuropsychologists study the biological processes behind those mental processes, reaching deeper understanding of how the brain works. Sometimes, neuropsychologists work with sufferers of traumatic brain injury, but typically, this field is focused on broad neurological and psychological research as opposed to helping specific clients with their unique concerns.

Genetics Counseling

In the debate between nature vs nurture, genetics counselors focus on nature. Some psychological conditions are inherited, and psychologists in this field provide help to patients and healthcare providers who are managing such difficult diagnoses. Because the field of genetics in general is so young, there are plenty of opportunities for genetics counselors in hospitals and research institutions.

By no means are these the only fields of psychology one might enter, but they are among the most in-demand at the present time. Psychologists who focus their studies on these fields are likely to find plenty of opportunities for success throughout their careers.

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