7 Popular Jobs in 2022


Like in the previous decade or so, the most popular jobs on the US market will involve some sort of information technology. This makes sense, given that we need an app for just about anything. So, the demand for jobs in marketing, cybersecurity, and big data scientists will continue growing in 2022.

However, there are also a few jobs that have become popular as a sign of our time. Perhaps the best example of this is diversity and inclusion management. Professions such as this will become prevalent as we increase our social consciousness.

 Anyway, here are 7 jobs that will be extremely sought-after in 2022.

  1. Dental Marketing 

Being a dental marketing consultant can be very lucrative. In fact, anything that is closely connected to healthcare can yield above-average profits.

The reason why dental marketing has become so important has to do with the rise of the internet. People no longer rely on word-of-mouth for their medical needs. Instead, they are more likely to seek out solutions via Google. 

So, optimizing your dental website in search engines and posting quality Facebook ads has become the best way of attracting new clients. Dental marketing is especially important for new clinics that haven’t established a loyal customer base.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist 

There has been a lot of talk about AI and machine learning in the last few years. And while we are far from the true concept of artificial intelligence, we cannot deny the truth that machines have become much smarter and able to enhance themselves based on the provided information. 

According to LinkedIn reports, the number of jobs within the AI field has increased by 74% in the last four years. What s even more important is that this trend is present across the board; the knowledge of artificial intelligence can be utilized in numerous fields, which gives experts various employment opportunities. 

  1. Diversity and Inclusion Manager

As you have noticed, diversity and inclusion managers have become extremely sought-after in the last two or three years. Basically, a person doing this job should have a good understanding of equity and inclusion. Diversity manager works on every level of the organization, helping interact with outside stakeholders and customers, but also with employees. 

Although this job might sound simple, not everyone can do it. Given that it s a relatively new profession, the professionals commonly transfer from other similar fields. In fact, most inclusion managers have about 9, 10 years of experience working on various HR projects. 

  1. Customer Marketing Specialist 

To be a customer marketing specialist, you need to have a good understanding of marketing and sales. However, due to the fact that most businesses focus on online sales, you can also benefit from technical IT knowledge. 

A professional doing this job should create a link between the company and its consumers. Not only should they interact with clients, trying to provide the best service possible, but they should also implement preemptive measures that will keep them satisfied. 

Among others, customer marketing specialists should also create and plan events that would strengthen that connection. 

  1. Data Scientist

Like most other jobs on this list, almost any company can benefit from having a data scientist. The job is perfect for medium and large organizations that deal with a high quantity of data on a regular basis. Nowadays, there are a lot of data scientist openings within the banking, research, and telecommunications fields.

By having a good data scientist professional in your midst, you can extrapolate data in a more efficient manner and utilize it for creating new strategies, reducing business weaknesses, and emphasizing strengths. 

  1. Robotics Engineer

Regardless of the industry, companies are constantly trying to cut costs by utilizing automatic and semi-automatic solutions. Automation is especially important for manufacturing processes, but there has been a steady increase in robotics demand within other fields. 

The robotics companies have enormous market valuations, and some of the more prominent ones are worth tens of billions of dollars. Just having patents and good ideas can propel you to the top of the market. Keep in mind that a robotics engineer should be able to handle both software and hardware.

  1. Cybersecurity Professional

Given the increased need for informational solutions, databases, and networking, it makes sense that the demand for cybersecurity professionals would also be on the rise. No matter what you’re doing, you need a person who will protect the company’s sensitive data. This is especially true nowadays, given that a lot of companies store their data online. 

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