6 Workspace Changes That Boost Your Productivity


If you find yourself feeling distracted or lacking the motivation to do your work, check your workspace to see if it needs improvement. Your environment can affect your mood, so when your desk is a mess, the clutter can take your attention away from your task. Additionally, your desk set-up may be less than ideal and these inefficiencies can drain you of your drive to keep working. 

Whether you re back at the office or working from home, creating a workspace that supports your rhythm is important. If your workspace needs some sprucing up, below are six changes you can implement to increase your productivity. 

Use Apps to Increase Productivity

You can t avoid the use of technology in an office. Most of our work is accomplished on computers, phones, and other digital tools that allow us to work efficiently. However, these devices can be a source of distractions as well. Your focus might be disrupted by receiving social media notifications or non-work-related messages. Keep your focus and productivity by installing apps that block non-essential alerts during work hours or whenever you need to remain undisturbed. In this way, you can continue to use your device without getting notifications you don t need. You can also use apps to keep your personal devices locked until you finish your work. 

On the flip side, taking breaks is essential to maintaining your productivity. You can also use apps to help you work in intervals and plan breaks. If you are Muslim, apps like the Muslim Pro app can help you build a work routine centred on your five daily prayers. Because prayer times can vary, you can use the app to remind you of the daily schedule and keep your full focus on your work until then. Use your prayer time as a short break to refresh your mind and soul. Check out the Muslim Pro app Twitter page to learn more about the benefits of using the app. 

Adjust Your Monitor and Chair

If you have neck pains and back aches from sitting down all day, the pain you re feeling can distract you from your work. It can add to your stress and affect your ability to deliver results. Most importantly, poor posture can result in chronic pain and serious health conditions. 

To help you avoid this, you should adjust your computer s monitor or laptop screen so it s at eye level. Doing so will help you maintain your posture, preventing you from straining your neck and upper back. If you re using a laptop for work, request a separate keyboard to keep your palms and arms on your desk. 

If you have problems with your lower back, add soft cushions to your chair to support your rear. You can also add a pillow for back support on the backrest of your chair. This cushion supports your lower back when you lean onto the chair. 

Personalise Your Desk Space 

You can improve your productivity by decorating your desk with things that inspire you. Add photos of your family or kids to remind you that they re the reason you re working hard. If you work in a cubicle or have a pegboard, you can stick photos of motivational quotes to help you keep going when you want to give up.  

You can also add accessories that help you keep your things neat. You can have a desk organiser or desk file rack to keep documents ready whenever you need them. You can also place a desk calendar or sticky note set on your table or pegboard to keep track of your work schedule. These desk decorations also come in different colours to brighten up your workspace and improve your mood. 

Keep Your Workspace Tidy

A clean workspace eliminates distractions. If you have a messy desk with strewn papers and scattered pens, it may take longer to find the things you need and seeing the clutter can have an effect on how you organise your thoughts. Avoid these situations by cleaning your desk as often as possible throughout the day, especially if you re the type who gets messy as you work. You can also start and end your workday by organising your desk to help you maintain its tidiness. 

Keep your desk decorations to a minimum so they don t take space away from your work equipment. Utilise desk and drawer organisers to keep your tabletop neat. If you haven t yet, adopt the habit of putting things back where they belong after each use.  

Make a Notepad Accessible to You

As a creative employee, you might find yourself distracted by one or two great ideas that you want to explore. Unfortunately, some of these ideas aren t always related to the work you re currently doing and expounding on these ideas as soon as they form in your mind can take away from your work productivity. 

Having a notepad accessible to you for times like these is necessary. Jot down the idea on the notepad as soon as you get them. Doing so will help you get the idea out of your mind and allow you to get back to focusing on your work. Once you re done with your task, you can go back to your notepad and see if the idea is worth pursuing. 

Your productivity in your office is a valuable asset; it s what helps you get the job done. But when you re distracted or lack motivation, your productivity suffers, leading to problems at work. Avoid this by applying simple changes that make your workspace more comfortable and conducive for work. These changes will help you stay productive and produce good work output. 

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