5 Reasons Why Coding Bootcamps are Worth It


During the last decade, coding bootcamps popped up to fill a talent gap. Unfortunately, when it came to the tech industry, there were more openings than there were graduates with four-year degrees to fill them. Coding bootcamps offer an excellent alternative to more traditional 4-year degree programs for the money and time saved. Because of their specialized knowledge and the practical experience they gain in tech bootcamps, many employers prefer to hire bootcamp grads.

Degrees take time and money before you are anywhere near becoming certified, but bootcamps don’t work the same way. Instead, this form of learning focuses heavily on the skills you need immediately, allowing you to pick up the pace, get certified, and look for jobs. Suppose you feel inclined towards going to a bootcamp but don’t feel sure if you should join one. Here’s what you need to know:

What Is An Online Bootcamp?

Online bootcamps are study programs that are accelerated versions of the actual coursework. Their primary purpose is to impart the skills and knowledge a student needs to boost their resume and find jobs right away. The bootcamp industry is worth over $300 million, and you can find a bootcamp program on any skill. Still, if you’re interested in Javascript, Python, and PHP, try enrolling in a software engineering bootcamp that allows you to partake in excellent blended learning spread over a short duration. 

The total cost of joining a bootcamp is also highly affordable. The skills you develop will add to your existing knowledge or pave a path and allow you to learn fresh concepts. Whether you’re new to coding or have worked in the sector for a while, bootcamps are open to all. 

What Benefits Can You Reap By Joining One?

A bootcamp has certain perks that are worth exploring. If you’re truly determined to start your career as a professional coder but don’t wish to extend your timeline by enrolling in a full-time college degree, a bootcamp is an easy one-stop solution. Here are some advantages it has in store for you:

  1. Cheaper Than A Degree

After high school, everyone dreams of going to college and getting a degree in whatever they are passionate about. But while degrees are attractive, they are also quite expensive. Sure, you can get a student loan to make it through college - but it could also take years to pay back that debt.

Bootcamps don’t work the same way. Not only do you have an opportunity to save money, but you get it done faster. Most college degrees require at least two to four years of your life, while a course requires a few weeks. Most camps run about 12 weeks to 24 weeks and can cost roughly $12,000. This is not even half of what you would have to pay if you were in college. 

  1. High Earning Potential

One of the reasons why you put yourself through school and then inevitably get crushed under debts is to secure a high-earning job. However, what defines your worth and how much salary you deserve is your skills and how well you are utilizing them. Bootcamps are skill-intensive courses. Theoretical concepts do not sway you, and there is no need for them; instead, train on techniques and methodologies that come in handy when you work. As a result, you start making big bucks right away. 

Your employer may also increase your current income following your new expertise. Expect an almost 50% rise in your wages. Additionally, knowing concepts like software development can land you a six-figure annual income, while as a web developer, you’re on the upper end of a five-figure salary. You are making good money and way above the average pay grade in a traditional American job market. 

  1. Hands-On Curriculum

A hands-on curriculum teaches you practically instead of making you visualize the concept. From the get-go, you will be sitting in front of a smart device such as a laptop and code according to the instructions. As your sessions proceed, you’ll get independent in writing your language, developing software, and comprehending the coding process. This experience pays off since you will not struggle once you rejoin the workforce and confidentially do your job. 

  1. Massive Career Flexibility 

Skills are transferable, and technology is one sector where you experience immense career mobility. As a professional software developer, you can choose to work in a company or start your venture as a freelance expert. You also have the opportunity to work for international companies remotely. This allows you to make a career for yourself, especially when the world is still recovering from the after-effects of the corona. Technological experts are always in demand, and your skills will always stand out since companies need software and a professional developer to maintain them. 

  1. Networking Opportunity 

Bootcamps allow you to meet people hailing from different backgrounds. You may meet administrators, instructors, and even employees from conglomerate firms. This will enable you to introduce yourself and exchange professional details. Down the line, if you’re seeking employment or need a reference, your newly found contacts will come in handy. It is also much easier to apply to selective organizations instead of choosing to send out your resume to every business. Your network can also help you by guiding you on what skills you should work on more and what needs to take center stage on your resume. This is perhaps the quickest way to secure a job. Best yet? You’re meeting and networking all from the comfort of your home. 

Final Thoughts

Bootcamps are learning opportunities that allow you to fast-track your career. The curriculum you follow is specific and lets you polish certain skills, which brings you to the front of the line in your niche. Online bootcamps are an opportunity to forego traditional education while saving money and time. You get to learn faster, get a salary boost and also have the space to explore your career by applying to different institutes or launching a solo venture. Additionally, the people you meet while you’re part of a bootcamp let your network. It can open up more opportunities and guide you on what you must do for a flourishing career. 

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