5 Benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System in 2023

The job market and the HR industry have become their own universe of neverending growth and change. Seemingly digitalization has made it easier to apply for a job and look for candidates, but still, the sheer volume of this field has become too much to handle. 

Although in the end, maybe the most important thing is what managers really look for in an application, it doesn t mean they are the best people to conduct the search. Human Resources, headhunters, and recruitment agencies are all specialists who can do this for the managers.

However, this team also needs the right tools and technical support to conduct such a task. Faced with the constantly expanding industry they need to use the right platforms and software. This will help them be more professional and better at their job in general.

Using an Applicant Tracking System is one way to do this. 

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you keep track of candidates, process CVs, and resumes, and makes the initial first selection. It is the best automation tool for HR specialists, recruiters, and hiring professionals. 

It usually includes multiple operations such as

  • Database software
  • Candidate screening 
  • Resume parsing 
  • Managing days off and holidays
  • Job postings

It is the type of software worth investing in if you re dealing with an overload of applications and in desperate need of systematization of your work. 

It uses AI at its core which imitates what the human brain would do in the search. It scans through CVs and resumes and makes a selection based on keywords. It is very useful in this regard as it does the same thing that would be done manually but a lot quicker and better.

This has changed the way CVs and resumes are written. Writing quality CVs and resumes has become a professional skill on the rise.

So now that we know what it is and who needs it, let s talk about the benefits of using it.

5 Benefits of using ATS

If you are a manager looking to improve their company or in the HR industry looking for ways to make your job easier keep reading because here are the top advantages of using ATS.

  1. Automate a time-consuming task

It s self-explanatory that going through the recruitment process manually is very time-consuming and it requires putting in so much energy into mundane and monotonous tasks. The time and energy saved can be used for more productive engagements which will improve the business or the company. 

Some ways in which ATS saves up time are

  • It automates manual CV screening and makes the initial selection. 
  • It posts job posts on various platforms and uses job-description templates
  • It automatically schedules assessments 
  • It sends follow-up emails 

It simply seems ludicrous to conduct such a process manually now when there is such a simple way of doing it. 

  1. Increase quality of hire

ATS improves the overall hiring process and with that it leads to choosing better candidates. By alleviating the time-consuming and boring tasks HR specialists are left with more time to spend on the selected candidates and conduct thorough background research. ATS leaves the hiring team to work with only the best prospects for the job.

The final decision is made based on in-depth assessment and done by collaborative hiring which is also made possible by the tracking system.

  1. Create a flawless hiring process

The hiring process in itself is a complicated construction and a puzzle made up of so many different pieces. From creating the perfect job post to gathering CVs, processing all applications, then making a selection, to the final onboarding of candidates, and making offers. The list is quite excessive. 

Each of these tasks could be assigned to special teams to make the process more effective. 

But with ATS this whole procedure and all the steps needed are fully systemized and take their shape and flow. It s also quite possible to replicate the process for future job positions. In this way, the procedure is optimized and improved to follow the company s workflow and needs.

  1. Better and more informed decisions

Keeping track of the recruiting metrics is the only way it can be improved. However, it s very difficult to measure something like time to fill or cost per hire if you don t have the right tools. 

As an HR worker, it s very important to know how and where you spend most of your working hours, to improve this in the future.

ATS can help a lot in this aspect because most quality systems offer automatically generated recruiting data reports. These can be used for further analytics and help the hiring team make quicker, better, and more informed decisions.

  1. Provide professional experience for candidates

Whether they get the job or not, candidates come in touch with the company and create a first impression of the work environment through the recruitment process. 

Using ATS surely gives this encounter a more businesslike touch. The candidates are bound to have a pleasant experience from the moment they read the job description. 

All follow-up emails, further assessments, and background checks are done in an organized and logical manner. All communication is automated and candidates are kept informed. 

This creates a good image for the company and simply looks professional.

Stop wondering and try it!

If you ve been wondering if ATS is the right choice for you and your HR department, we hope this article made you want to try it. All in all, there are so many benefits that come out of using this system and no disadvantages whatsoever. Be prepared to look for your suitable pricing model and the features that best suit your company before investing in it. 

So if you haven t done this huge favor to your recruiting team, it s needless to say that 2023 is definitely the time to do it and start using ATS.

Author Bio: Iskra Stojanovska has been an English teacher for more than 13 years now. She is also a freelance translator, interpreter, and university professor for both. She s currently looking for a career change and other ways in which she can make use of her knowledge of English. Content writing is a definite choice.