4 Reasons To Work For LiquidPiston

LiquidPiston is an engineering support company that develops small and efficient engines with regard to vehicles and power era. Their rotary engines would be the first disruption to motor technology in over the century, and they're usually on the lookout regarding talented engineers to sign up for their team.

Are a person interested in developing effective thermodynamic combustion engines? Here is why you need to consider working intended for LiquidPiston.

Details About LiquidPiston

LiquidPiston engine technology

LiquidPiston develops advanced rotary internal combustion engines dependent on the company''s trademarked thermodynamic cycle and powerplant architecture at their advanced laboratory facilities in Bloomfield, CT. Their combustion motors are compact, powerful, silent, efficient, low-vibration, and multi-fuel capable, and are international from 1HP to more than 1000 HP.

These engines are usually not Wankel engines; they may better. LiquidPiston boasts that will their X Engine offers "10x more power" and it is "30% more efficient, inch improving on efficiency, bodyweight, size, vibration, and sound.

LiquidPiston will be currently concentrating on military plus aerospace markets but programs to enter industrial in addition to commercial, marine, UAV, city mobility, and automotive marketplaces in the near long term.

The particular engineering company was furthermore featured on Exactly how It''s Made , a documentary series through the Science Channel.

4 Reasons In order to Work with LiquidPiston

Employees at LiquidPiston

one Work with a good open-minded team with diverse engineering backgrounds

LiquidPiston's team associated with engineers usually are trailblazers and mavericks, individuals who challenge this self-destruction and even are the first in order to bring new ideas to be able to market.

2. Call at your personal ideas implemented (in 1-2 several weeks vs. 1-2 years)

Innovation is usually rewarded at LiquidPiston. Workers are encouraged to drive the boundaries in the particular world of combustion.

3. Run with minimal red mp3

At LiquidPiston, you possess the freedom to understand your passion, which may result in incredible opportunities.

4. Work with a new broad scope

You will participate in the entire engine/product development process coming from scratch and under 1 roof.

Advantages & Perks At LiquidPiston

LiquidPiston engine in action
  • Wellness and dental plan
  • 401(k)
  • Paid vacation and vacations
  • Versatile work schedule
  • Receive $5000 for mentioning an outstanding engineer

Profession Opportunities At LiquidPiston

If if you're thinking about working at LiquidPiston, go to the company's careers web page to find out more!

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