12 Best Platforms to Hire Top Talent in 2022


Over the years, freelancing has become an increasingly popular career option for several professionals. It is rapidly growing as a mainstream job alternative that offers flexibility and a variety of opportunities not only to job seekers but also to companies across industries. Businesses of all sizes are now actively tapping into freelance platforms to find and hire high-quality, independent talents for temporary and even full-time job roles. 

These freelancing platforms enable companies to have access to a diverse pool of industry professionals who can handle critical projects at much lesser rates without being limited by geographical restrictions. With the help of these platforms, companies can now outsource essential tasks to competent talents with specialized skill sets. By doing so, their employees can focus their energies on other essential projects rather than spending hours working on a job that is beyond their capabilities and expertise. 

As a business owner, it is critical that you choose the right vendor that will enable you to assemble the ideal team of freelancers that suits your company. Keep in mind that a good freelancing platform should:

  • Allow freelancers to create and develop a profile that highlights their skills and expertise
  • Provide uninterrupted communication between companies and freelancers
  • Enable employers to freely explore a freelancer’s profile and use filters that can sort potential candidates based on their company’s preferred eligibility criteria
  • Have an effective rating system so that companies can provide reviews for their freelancers and vice versa
  • Have the necessary messaging applications or tools that can facilitate communication between employers and freelancers 

Whether you need project-based or full-time freelancers, you need to have quality platforms where you can source your future employees. Upwork and Freelancer are two popular platforms that have made a name for themselves in the freelancing industry. One of the usual points of debate and discussion in the freelancing world is “Upwork vs Freelancer compared,” as these two big players have been constantly placed in the spotlight. 

While Upwork and Freelancer are great freelance marketplaces, there are other platforms with less competition that can help businesses hire highly- skilled talents for much lower prices. If your company is looking for competent talents with a variety of expertise, here are some of the new and established freelancing platforms you can utilize this year for your hiring needs:


  • DailyRemote


DailyRemote is a free online job search platform that features remote jobs from different channels. Companies can post job roles related to design, support, software development, product, writing, marketing, finance, sales, teaching, virtual assistant, healthcare, recruitment, and data entry. 


  •  Remote Tech Jobs


Headquartered in Utah, Remote Tech Jobs is an online freelance platform dedicated to tech professionals. Remote Tech Jobs aggregate top jobs from eleven job boards so that freelancers can easily search for the position that suits their technology skills and expertise. The platform’s interface is user-friendly, and companies can quickly post job roles and choose the package that suits their business needs. Remote Tech Jobs offer three packages: Hire Remote which is priced at $197, Stand Out for $297, and Succeed for $397. 

 Remote Tech Jobs offers job listings in different categories including data mining, digital marketing, blockchain, back-end, WordPress, security, sales, testing, sql, customer support, game development, javascript, iOs, java, css, android, copywriting, database admin, node js, and NoSQL.  


  • CloudPeeps 


CloudPeeps is a user-friendly freelance marketplace and online community that offers clients a diverse range of qualified talents. The platform has been servicing more than 20,000 customers across 150 countries. With the help of CloudPeeps, companies can connect with various professionals from social media managers, web designers, graphic designers to virtual assistants, digital markers, saas copywriters, developers, seo professionals, public relations, and marketers. 

 Clients can access the platform and post jobs for free. They can also choose a plan based on their business needs and preferences. CloudPeeps offers several valuable features to help clients interact with their selected freelancers. While the platform has a positive reputation among different companies, some of its shortcoming according to numerous reviews include:

  • Clients subscriptions renew automatically unless otherwise canceled
  • CloudPeeps does not meddle nor assist their clients with resolving freelancer disputes 
  • There is an opt-out fee of $1,500


  • FreeUp 


FreeUp promises its clients fast access to high-quality candidates, as they only accept pre-vetted freelancers. FreeUp founders Connor Gillivan and Nathan Hirsch developed a system that ensures that their clients get the staffing support they need without the unnecessary hassle. FreeUp thoroughly screens their applicants to make sure that the platform is free of mediocre talents. Clients also need not worry about employee turnover, as FreeUp will replace the freelancer without charging any additional fees. 


  • Contena 


Contena is an invite-only freelance platform and online community dedicated for writers, content creators, and editors. The platform charges $99 per job listing and provides its clients access to premium writing professionals available for part-time and full-time roles. If your business needs proficient writers that can handle book writing jobs, copywriting, resume writing, blog writing, and other pertinent writing jobs, make sure you check out this dynamic freelance platform. 


  • GoLance 


GoLance is a growing online freelancing platform that is swiftly rising to fame. This online platform allows companies to post jobs for free, and they also have a relatively low-fee structure for its freelancers. In addition, GoLance rewards its clients by providing a cash back bonus and a referral program. Compared to other freelance platforms, GoLance does not have any membership or withdrawal fees. You can easily post a job on their website and track your freelancer’s work using the platform’s app, GoMeter. With the GoMeter tool, you can check your remote employees’ screenshots before releasing the funds to ensure you get the quality of work that you are paying for.  


  • RemoteOK


RemoteOK is a popular online job board that caters to a variety of job seekers across the globe. It has an established presence in both the local and international job markets. Firms can choose whether they want to hire freelancers across the globe or limit it to applicants in the United States. In addition, RemoteOk offers customized packages and useful additional features such as company branding and featured ads. Companies can choose the package that suits their business needs and budget. 


  • Jobspresso


Jobspresso is another freelancing platform that offers remote jobs in customer support, tech, marketing, design, support, sales, development, design, and more. Companies can have access to more than 100,000 remote workers and explore the platform’s database consisting of over 5,000 qualified talents. Jobspresso packages range from $299 to $1,219. They also provide their patrons with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Most of their plans include twitter announcements, job alert emails, and a chance to be featured on the platform s homepage.


  • Periodix


Periodix is an online job marketplace that features listings from several channels. The freelance platform offers a variety of job listings such as marketing, graphic design, customer support, design, and software development. With Periodix’s artificial intelligence system, clients can source qualified freelancers that match the skill set and expertise that they need for their business projects.


  • Sellcrowd


Sellcrowd is a freelance platform that offers sales-related job positions. Companies can post a sales job listing for free or find a sales freelancer for a short-term endeavor. The freelancing platform also provides its clients with the necessary tools to ensure that they hire the best sales professionals for their businesses. Some of the sales roles available for freelancers include appointment setter, sales hacker, cold emailer, networker, sales analyst, customer service representative, business development manager, account executive, sales prospector, telesales, sales consultant, sales coach, and sales script architect. 


  • CareerGig


CareerGig is a new freelance marketplace built on blockchain technology. This freelance platform offers its clients the best possible data and security since they can vet their freelancers using verified and unyielding records. Using CareerGig’s verification system and decentralized technology, companies need not worry about hiring shady and second-rate talents. 


  • Worksome


Founded in 2017, Worksome is an established online platform for freelancers and businesses. The online marketplace is trusted by more than 25,000 international companies. Worksome provide numerous job listings such as wordpress developers, web developers, sales consultants, ruby developers, seo consultants, unity developers, iOS developers, project managers, Magento developers, logo designers, web designers, writers, python developers, IT project managers, salesforce developers, android developers, JavaScript developers, IT security consultants, developers, and machine learning engineers. 

Every established business has its own success story to tell. Most of these companies had to start someplace small and overcome several unique challenges to get to where they are right now. If your company is in its early stages, it is vital that you maximize every cost-effective resource and tool available at your disposal. With the help of online freelancing platforms, you can find and hire top talents across the globe without having to deal with the conventional hiring process. You can choose from a pool of skilled freelancers and build the best workforce for your company sans the unnecessary stress that comes with hiring full-time and in-house workers. 

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