This Stock is Leading an Energy Revolution and Investors Stand

Author: Carl Timothy

So far in 2022 I ve only talked about two stocks but the first went up 175% and the other 220%.

The company I m writing about today could far exceed the last two… and you ll quickly understand why.

Gas prices are through the roof in the U.S but did you know that something far worse is happening across the pond?

Europe stopped buying energy from Russia and now they re experiencing the biggest energy crisis since WW2

The situation is bad, but there is light at the end of the tunnel thanks in part to an American company that could disrupt the entire European energy sector.

The name of the company is: Vision Energy Corporation (ticker: VIHDD ) and its stock is taking off like a rocket.


VIHDD is building a network of Hydrogen power plants across Europe, with its first power plant coming live in the next months.

VIHDD will not only make a fortune from producing this clean energy, but it will also get tons and tons of carbon credits which it will turn around and sell, much like Tesla does.

For years, Tesla s No1 cash cow was the sale of its carbon credits, and not its cars. This is information that most people don t know, but it is well-documented.


Tesla earned billions of dollars from its carbon credits and VIHDD could eventually be in a similar position.

Countries around the world are rushing to build Hydrogen power plants. For example, just a few weeks ago the government of Kazakhstan announced an investment of $50 billion to build new power plants.

The middle eastern country, Oman, then immediately committed $140 billion worth of investments in the hydrogen sector.

Following up on that, the European government announced a few days ago the allocation of billions to support the construction of hydrogen plants in the E-U.


Imagine investing in Exxon back when John D. Rockefeller dug his first wells. You d probably be a multi-millionaire today.

There is no question about it, hydrogen is about to disrupt the entire energy sector and those who miss out on it will be left behind.

It will be much like the investors who failed to buy Apple when the iPod came out or invest in Google when it went public.

Those willing to buy shares today and hold at least 12 months could see short-term profits of 300% and long-term gains potentially exceeding 1,000%.

A good price to buy VIHDD today is around $19 before it jumps higher


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