7 Items That Aren’t Actually Cheaper at Aldi

7 Items That Aren’t Actually Cheaper at Aldi

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Aldi is a go-to destination for many shoppers looking to save money on groceries, but is it always the best option? While the store is known for its low prices, there are some name-brand items that may actually be more expensive at Aldi compared to other stores.

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Because these are name-brand items, we can effectively do a 1:1 comparison at other stores. We also took note of any size differences, but we tried to compare the same sizes when possible. It s essential to keep in mind that just because some items may be more expensive at Aldi, it doesn t mean that all name-brand items are. So, before you write off their selection entirely, it s important to double-check prices to ensure you re getting the best deal.

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Chips Ahoy! Cookies

According to consumer analyst Julie Ramhold from DealNews.com, buying certain items like Chips Ahoy! cookies at Aldi may not be the most cost-effective option. For instance, in her area, a 25.3-ounce pack of original Chips Ahoy! or a 26-ounce pack of chewy Chips Ahoy! both cost $6.59 at Aldi.

However, at a nearby grocery store, the same items usually retail for $6.29 per pack, and they are currently on sale for $5.99. At Target, these items are regularly priced at $5.99, making them a more affordable option than purchasing them at Aldi, even without a sale.

Takis Fuego Tortilla Chips

According to Ramhold, a 9.9-ounce bag of Takis costs approximately $4.19 at Aldi. The exact same product is priced at $3.99 at stores like Kroger, and even cheaper at Target, where it s only $3.59 for a bag of the same size.

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Coffee K-Cups

According to Ted Chan, the founder of CoffeeRoast.com, Aldi offers K-Cups at a price of $3.99 for a pack of 12. The issue is, there are no bulk-size options available.

For couples who quickly consume 12-packs of K-Cups while working from home, purchasing generic equivalents for a month s supply, such as Donut Shop or Breakfast Blend, may result in slightly lower costs per cup — around five cents less per cup, when purchased from Amazon or Sam s Club.

My/Mochi Ice Cream

Ramhold advises against buying the My/Mochi brand ice cream at Aldi, stating that although they re one of her favorite treats, but she never purchases them from there. Not only do they come with a hefty price tag of $5.49 for a box of 6, but the flavor options are also limited.

She suggests opting for Target instead, where you can find several more flavors for only $4.99 per box. Alternatively, she recommends keeping an eye out for sales at Kroger, where you may be able to snag them for as little as $3.24 when they re part of BOGO promotions.

Fruity Pebbles Cereal

If you re a purist and don t want the Malt-o-Meal Fruity Dynobites, even though they totally taste the exact same, don t shop at Aldi for this name-brand cereal, shares Ramhold. At Aldi, a 15-ounce box of a popular cereal typically costs around $4.39. However, at Kroger, you can purchase a 27.5-ounce box for $5.99, and at Target, it s priced at $6.19.

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This means that at Aldi, the cereal costs around 29 cents per ounce, while at Kroger and Target, it s only 22 or 23 cents per ounce, respectively.

Nathan s Famous Franks

Ramhold reports that Nathan s Famous Franks are not the best deal at Aldi. An 8-count package of bun-length hot dogs is priced at $4.95 at Aldi, but at Kroger, you may be able to find the same item on sale for as little as $3.99. Even at Target, the regular price is lower than Aldi s, at $4.79.

Duke s Mayonnaise

Finally, Ramhold mentions Duke s Mayonnaise, stating that a 30-ounce jar of it costs $4.95 at Aldi. However, at Target, the same product is regularly priced at $4.79. Additionally, you may be able to find it for an even lower price at stores like Kroger when it s on sale, with prices ranging around $4.49 for the same size or even larger jar.

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