11 States Where Some Residents Can Still Expect Relief Payments

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While most of the formal stimulus programs that put money back into Americans bank accounts as a form of COVID or inflation relief have ended, some states refunds and rebates payment dates will roll into 2023.

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Here are the states where eligible people can still expect to receive some of this relief if they haven t already.

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In 2022, California offered payments to its residents, known as the Middle Class Tax Refund, who met the following criteria:

  • Filed a 2020 California tax return by October 15, 2021
  • Had a California adjusted gross income below $250,000 for single people and married couples filing separate tax returns (or less than $500,000 combined)
  • Could not be claimed as a dependent on someone else s 2020 tax year
  • Resided in CA for at least six months in 2020.

Most California eligible residents should have received their payment already in the form of a Golden State Stimulus (GSS) debit card. However, residents who changed their bank or bank account since filing their 2020 taxes will receive their GSS card between December 17, 2022, and January 14, 2023.


In May 2022, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a law called Colorado Cash Back that put a nice tax rebate into its residents pockets. Individual filers will receive $750 and joint filers will receive $1,500. If you did not already receive your tax rebate, you may receive it up through the spring of 2023. You must have filed your state return by October 17th, 2022 to have been eligible.


Delaware residents aged 18 years and older, who filed a 2020 Delaware personal income tax return, should be eligible to receive a $300 rebate check through Delaware s Relief Rebate program. Other adult residents who filed their 2021 Delaware tax returns may also be eligible.

While most payments went out in May 2022, if you haven t yet received your rebate, it may still come in 2023. You can use the online rebate checking tool to see where your payment is at.


Idaho also came through with tax rebates in 2022, and not just one, but two! Residents who have lived here for a full year or more and who filed tax returns in 2020 and 2021 qualified to receive these payments.For people who are not required to file Idaho returns for those years, a grocery credit refund form would also earn the rebate. 

The first tax rebate of the year would take the form of the following, whichever is greater:

  • $300 for individual filers whose filing status was: Single, Head of Household, Qualifying Widow(er) or Married Filing Separately and $600 for joint filers.
  • 10% of the tax amount reported on Form 40 (line 20), or Form 43 (line 42)

The second rebate would come in the form of the following, whichever is greater:

  • $75 per taxpayer and each dependent
  • 12% of the tax amount reported on Form 40 (line 20), or Form 43 (line 42)

Though many of these rebate payments have been sent, they will continue to be mailed out into 2023 as residents file their tax returns.

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Illinois also offered two tax rebates in 2022, one of which was an income tax rebate, and the other for property taxes. Eligible Illinois residents qualified for the income tax rebate if they lived in Illinois in 2021 and had an adjusted gross income of less than $200,000 for individuals, and less than $400,000 for joint filers on their 2021 Illinois tax return.

To qualify for the property tax rebate, Illinois residents had to have paid Illinois property taxes in 2021 on their primary residence in 2020, and must have an adjusted gross income on their 2021 Illinois tax return of $250,000 or less for individuals and $500,000 or less for joint filers.

The payments began rolling out in September 2022, but will continue into 2023.


Massachusetts residents who paid 2021 Massachusetts personal income taxes and filed their 2021 return by October 17, 2022 are eligible for a refund equal to a bit more than 14% of their 2021 income tax liability. Most people will have received these refunds already, but those who filed late may get theirs by as late as September 15, 2023.

New Jersey

New Jersey residents can still take advantage of property tax refunds through the Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR) program. Homeowners are eligible for $1,000 or $1,500, while renters can receive up to $450.The deadline for 2023 filing is January 31, 2023. Applications for the ANCHOR program need to be filed with the state s Division of Taxation.

New Mexico

New Mexico joined the two tax rebates club for its residents in 2022, and according to a recent news report, may be considering an additional round for 2023, though that hasn t been decided yet.

The first tax rebate of $500 applies to married couples filing joint returns, head-of-household filers, and surviving spouses whose 2012 incomes fell under $150,000, as well as single filers and married people filing separately with an income under $75,000. Everyone must have filed a 2021 New Mexico tax return to receive it and nobody can claim you as a dependent on their return.

The second tax rebate provides $1,000 for joint filers, head-of-household filers and surviving spouses, and $500 for single filers and married residents filing separately.

New Mexico started sending payments in the summer of 2022, but these will continue to roll out into 2023, so long as your return is filed by May 23, 2023.


Pennsylvania has an ongoing program offering a refund on property taxes or rent paid for seniors since 1971 that benefits seniors. The maximum standard rebate is $650, but those eligible for supplemental rebates can receive up to $975.

The income limit is $35,000 a year for homeowners and $15,000 a year for renters, though half of Social Security income is excluded. To get funds, an application is required, and it must be filed with the state s Department of Revenue by Dec. 31, 2023.

South Carolina

South Carolina residents are eligible for a tax rebate if they file a 2021 South Carolina income tax return by February 15, 2023, and have a tax liability. The rebates will cap at $800 and are based on 2021 tax liability, less credits.

Due to Hurricane Ian, South Carolina has broken the rebates into two phases, depending upon when you filed your tax return. People who filed their tax return by October 17, 2022 should already have received their rebate. People who file after October 17, 2022 but before February 15, 2023 will receive their rebates by March 31, 2023.


Virginia sent eligible taxpayers one-time bonus tax refunds — $250 to individuals and$500 for joint filers. While most checks were mailed out in September, for those who filed at the later end of the application, it is possible that some checks may still be making their way out in early 2023.

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