3 Surprising Reasons You May Be Struggling to Find a Job

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You''re frustrated. You''ve made countless resume updates for dozens of job applications, freshened up your social profiles, created a fancy portfolio, and jazzed up your interview wardrobe. It''s been an exhausting cycle. After months of searching, job interviews and offers should be pouring in.

You''re taking many of the correct steps to land a high-quality career. But it''s helpful to get out the fine-toothed comb and look for kinks in your job search process when the trail has gone stale.

Here are three possible reasons you may be struggling to find a job:

You haven''t targeted your application process

You have alerts set on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerShift, and several niche job search platforms. You get notifications almost hourly for jobs your profiles match. And you dutifully apply to every single one.

Casting a wide net may seem like a surefire way to find a job fast, but if you''re not targeting your job search and ensuring you meet the qualifications, there''s a good chance your application and resume are going straight into the 'œno' pile.

Not only are you possibly submitting to jobs you don''t really qualify for, but you may also risk getting called in for interviews for jobs you don''t even want. You could waste time in the application process and possibly commit yourself to a dead-end interview or worse yet, a dead-end job.

STOP applying to every opportunity that comes up. Be sure you are taking the time to thoroughly vet companies to be sure your values align and the culture appeals to you. Focus on your priorities and expectations for jobs and apply to opportunities you qualify for. This will save you time and frustration in the job search process while boosting your odds of getting a call.

You haven''t applied to enough jobs

Unfortunately, 2022 research revealed it takes approximately 80-200+ applications to get an offer. You may have a number of interviews throughout that process, but your 10 or even 50 job applications may not cut it in today''s competitive market.

The good news is that it''s a candidate''s market, so requirements for jobs are loosening and pay and flexibility are on the rise. While applying to different jobs, consider the benefits of each opportunity carefully. There are countless jobs listed to apply for and your reach is farther than ever with the increase in remote and hybrid work models.

It may be a lot of work to apply to so many jobs to get the perfect offer, but your options are boundless and when you land a job, it''s more likely than ever to be rewarding in more ways than one. Be open to find a job outside of your area. Even if a job isn''t listed as remote, if you are a strong fit for the role, especially if it''s been posted for some time, an employer may consider a remote work option.A 

You haven''t used all of your resources 

It''s commendable and valuable to learn how to update your resume and build a professional portfolio, but it''s also wise to get feedback from professionals and peers. If you''re not getting any response to your applications and your work experience and skills meet the requirements, it''s possible there is something you''re overlooking in your resume, portfolio, or social profiles that is a red flag for recruiters.

Career services are a great option to get expert feedback and access resources to improve your job search. They are available to students and alumni. You can also consider hiring a professional resume writer to build a new resume template from scratch. You can build off what you learn to customize your resume moving forward. 

Ask friends you trust to be critical of your portfolio and social media profiles to catch any errors or make suggestions for ways to stand out from other candidates. You can also ask around for referrals and try to expand your networking connections in this process. If there is a job you are especially interested in, check to see if you can connect with an employee in your network to get insight to highlight your qualifications and earn an interview.

No matter what, keep your head up! The journey to find a job is often long and arduous, but making a change in your career can be rewarding and empowering to reach your long-term goals in life.A 

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